Taking Time

I've realized that I need time to completely relax.
No projects.

So I'll be sitting here:

Swimming in this:

And enjoying the view for the next couple of weeks.

Then bring on Fall!


Gizmo Gadget Question


I am seriously thinking about getting an iPad
(pooling some B-day gift money to help offset the $).

Curious if my friends out there have one and what do you think of it?

I don't own a personal laptop, as I have a good old trusty Mac tower, but Hubs and I do take day and weekend trips here and there. It would be nice to "connect" on the road.


Slipcover (with a little leg)

The slippy I am proud of.

So my very first slipcover, well, it covers up a really ugly chair. I learned a lot of rootin', tootin' stuff making that. How to cut fabric, How to decide on seam width, How to use my seam ripper (new BFF), How to like that it's not perfect. :)

Better than that, I was eager to do more. I found this little gem on the side of the road.

Yes, I was garbage picking again. I love the legs. The seat is rock hard vinyl, but I've been using it to keep magainzes, lay my laptop on. It's not very comfortable for actual sitting.

I'm liking up to Pink and Polka Dot. She has the best tutorial on how to make the pleats.

Oh and here is the 1st slippy. She looks much better with laundry piled high. LOL.


Drapery Redo

I love the look of white cotton curtains/drapes. They always remind me of my grandmother's house and her crisp, clean window treatments in her kitchen.

Earlier this year, I put these up. Not bad, but the droopy part on top sort of irritated me. I tried making a casual roman shade this week and threw it in the trash (well, I did keep the fabric to recycle into something else).

Instead I took the same curtains, aka sheets, gave them a good wash and dry, and repurposed them to look very PB inspired.
Pottery Barn Cameron Drape

I used my new BFF, the trusty seam ripper and opened up the top hem.

I did redo the hem and used seam tape to make a finished edge. I am silly like that. You can leave it open and raw, sure no one will be looking.

I ironed and ironed and ironed some more, but they now make me smile.
I used a straight pin on the ends to keep them from sliding open on the pole. I like the scrunched look up top.


Metal Shelving

I love it when a good thing happens. I really hated to cover up the pretty turquoise color of these shelves. After much scrubbing and sanding, the were still stinky, so I knew I had to paint them.
I picked up these two colors, one from Wal-mart, one from Lowes and thought they would be close enough. To my suprise, the one from Wal-mart, Krylon Bahama Sea is almost a perfect match and makes me smile.

I sanded the shelving. (I did a test for lead). I primed with grey primer. Then 4 cans of Bahama Sea later, this is my new shelving. It's in my new sewing area of the basement and is about to get loaded up with supplies.

Linking up to this very cool blog CSI


Board and Batten Reveal

Yesterday was a marathon day. Sanding, Sanding, Sanding. And then the painting. It was a bit of a pain, but the Food Network was on and I trudged on. The result is amazing. I can't get over how much this "little" project changed the room.

Excuse the lack of curtains...they are being washed after all the sanding dust.
Spy my new tablecloth from Marshall's. 90 round. So hard to find.

Perfect little ledge for my little bottles.

It's a little overcast here today, but I just couldn't wait to share.


Bored = Board and Batten 3

Here is a quick shot of some progress.
All the prep work is annoying, but I know, I know, worth it.

Caulk. Wood filler. Spackle.
I caulked all my seams and this time I didn't cut the caulk tube to much. So my caulk line was actually thin and crisp. I filled all the nail holes with caulk too and then went over them with some wood filler. Where I joined the top rail, I also used wood filler as my miter cut wasn't perfectly flush. I blame that on the curvy wall, not my cutting expertise. I also Spackled the wall behind the wood stove. There was a pretty serious crack that needed to be filled in. This wall used to have wallpaper on it. That was a ROYAL PAIN to get down. So this wall isn't perfect and I suspect the heat from the stove caused the crack. Maybe it won't come back. I used mesh tape.

I added the top shelf. I used 1x3 poplar boards and nailed it right to the top rail.
Also, if you are really good at the game, what is different in this picture, you'll notice I adjusted the vertical board spacing. My far right "box" was 2 inches larger than the rest. I didn't notice at first, but then it bothered me. All the boards to the right of the wood stove received a slight shift by 1.5 inches. They are not all perfect, but my eye is tricked now.

I can't wait to paint, but I am patiently waiting for the wood filler and Spackle to dry.


Bored = Board and Batten 2

Do a cartwheel with me. The wood is up. Loving it already. It took me about 2 hours tonight.

1. Give all the boards one coat of primer.
2. Measure, cut and level top board. Nail. I had Hubs hold it up to the level line.
3. Measure, cut and nail each vertical board. I measured one by one, and installed one by one.
My floor is a little wavy so this way I didn't have too many gaps.

Next up. I am thinking about a wood shelf running across the top. So I may figure that out and then start to spackle and caulk.

For those of you who like more details: my top board hits about 76 inches from the floor. I already had 1x6 floor molding, which was pretty beefy, so I didn't want to go much taller. I actually wanted to go down about 6 inches, but I needed to clear the stove pipe. If I didn't have that, I probably would have installed at 70-72 inches from the floor.

Floor molding and Top rail =1x6 poplar
Vertical boards= 1x3 poplar
Spacing between boards is 17 inches just because of the stove. 12-14 would have been my preference.

More to follow.

Bored = Board and Batten

My living room wall= boring. Since we repainted 3 years ago, it's pretty much looked like this. Nothing on the walls, no character. I was looking for a large clock to hang figuring it would balance out the wood stove. I just never found anything I loved.

I have moved to a more streamlined, crisp, clean look in my home. There is a lack of things on and around the walls.

Last night I asked Hubs if he was ok with me being a copy cat and mimic Just Beachy's walls. I sat silently waiting while he looked at the pictures on her blog. Then I got the nod. Woo Hoo.
We went to Home Depot and bought our stock.

I played around with the spacing and I think I am settling on 17 inches apart, as it just looked right with the woodstove.

Wish me luck, more to follow. I have painting, sanding and all the fun stuff to do now, impatiently.