Before: Chair

I've been dying to do this, but was oh so scared. This chair was a hand me down and I always hated the fabric Stiff, ugly and rust colored. Yuck. I tried to sell it at garage sales and no one wanted it. So it sat in my bedroom holding folded laundry yet to be put away.
This weekend, I busted out the scissors, pins and prewashed drop cloth. I had a go at it.

I learned a lot about piecing and pinning along the way. Glad it was just a drop cloth, cause I cut it up all wrong. My skirt is too short and I have no idea what I am doing.

Good news is that Walmart had linen like fabric available and I bought 5 yards for 12 bucks. I'll be using that for round #2.

In the meantime, while I contemplate how to piece my slipcover, I busted out the serger.

Yep, the scare me to death machine. A couple of hours of reading the manual and other books, I was able to thread the thing. First time I had it all wrong. My biggest hurdle was changing the needle and engaging the knife. Took me an hour to figure I had to push the level REAL hard to get it to engage. But low and behold, my test piece is a thing of beauty. I jumped for joy.

Too bad the only thread I have is navy blue (came with the mom's serger). Wonder what she was serging with navy blue...anyway progress has been made. The little sucker cuts the fabric and I couldn't be more giddy.


  1. What a RELIEF!!! I thought I was the only one afraid of the sewing machine....best of luck my dear.


  2. YAY~ you're well on your way! Can't wait to see your slipcover. I've made quite a few and started out sewing everything by hand. Luckily my sister has let me borrow her machine and although I've used it several times now, every time I go to use it I have to read the manual over and over just to thread the thing! :)

  3. Wow, that chair was fugly. I cannot sew to save my life!

  4. good luck with the slipcover--I wouldn't even know where to start!

  5. I wish I was there to learn with you. Looks like your off to a good start!

  6. I have always wanted to tackle a project like this. Would love to see how it turns out. I see similar chairs on Craig's List and never know if it is doable on my own or not.

  7. Hi, I see your stripes & love them! Karen