Painted Stairs- Three

I can't contain myself. I am jumping for joy.
The basement stairs are D-O-N-E.
Do you ever say to yourself, why didn't I do this sooner?
What was I waiting for?
From here, to here, and here

If you are THINKING about painting your stairs...do it. You will not regret it.

I had a hard time with the trim around the laminate floor, but I took my time and pieced it together.
There used to be this 2 inch gap between the wall board in stairs on the left.
Crafting a piece of trim and painting it white hides the flaw.

What I learned along the way:
  • My stairs were in pretty good shape, but did have paint splatter from when the house was built. Guess when the house was built, I didn't know enough to tell the painters "Hey one day I may want to paint those, so keep your splatters to yourself." I would have spent a little more attention sanding off all of the old paint. You can see some of the shadows if you look real close, like real close.
  • I would have done a better job at sticking that blue tape down. There was some bleeding onto the white. I had to go back with a teeny tiny brush and touch up. That hurt my back bending over and being so detailed.
  • Stir your porch paint real good. I shook the can like crazy, but didn't have one of those paint stirrers. First set of steps, the paint was a little soupy. Took 3 coats. Second set, paint was thicker (3rd of can) and two thin coats went on like a breeze.
  • If you decide to repaint you stair walls, do it before you start the steps.
A fresh coat of wall paint turned a beat up stairway into a clean, crisp walkway.

  • Don't forget to paint every other step if you need to get out of the room. I would have been stuck in the basement if I didn't realize this right before I painted the second step.
  • You will get a good butt workout lunging up every other step for 2-3 days while the paint cures.
  • Remind husband to walk up and down every other step. (He actually did really good at this).
  • Move cat box to another part of house so little kitty doesn't leave paw prints. Try walking up every other step carrying cat box 'cause you forgot to move it before you painted.
  • Don't procrastinate like I did. Jump in, rip that rug up and PAINT!
Looking down the stairs

I am toying with the idea of numbering the steps, but I kinda like the clean simplicity it has now. Same for the stair walls. I thought of hanging posters or prints, but again, I love the simplicity.


  1. It is so crisp and clean. I'd still add numbers. It would add character and help hide bits of dirt and scratches that will inevitably get on the stairs. Great job! Lisa~

  2. They look amazing. You've convinced me to take the plunge and paint mine once the kids are in school!

  3. The stairs look terrific. Great job. Hope you'll stop by and see my garden project. Jane F.

  4. They look fabulous! So much better than the before!

  5. your comments about the kitty box crack me up.

    But this is GORGEOUS! My stairs are already painted dark brown (they'd been painted many other times before we moved here) so I think I ought to tape them off and do the white, don't you think?

  6. Wow! This is so clean and fresh looking! I've seen several people do this and it is gorgeous EVERY time! I'd LOVE to tackle this too! Thanks so very much for the tips!

  7. It looks fantastic. I am toying with the idea of painting words on our steps - a verse or line from a poem...
    would my family go for that?
    Love your results!

  8. Your stairs look fab! Can't wait to tear up the carpet on mine. Also, thanks for your comment on my outlet post. I am just sending you some "YOU CAN DO IT!" vibes. If you get hung up send me an email, I usually check a few times a day.

    info @ CobaltCarriers.com

  9. This is great, I am thinking about doing mine too. Wish me luck, I truly do NOT know what lies beneath that carpet. The house was built in '73...
    It really is back breaking to be so detailed, but in a year you will forget all about that and be so happy you went the extra mile. :)

  10. i would number them but with a really subtle paint color, almost like ghost numbers. i'll bet everyone would subconsciously count the stairs every time they went up. might be fun!!!!!

    they look great. too bad our basement stairs are a catchall spot!! i may have to work on that... :D


  11. your stairs look amazing... i might need to do this in our house...

  12. It looks great.... good for you!

    Warm blessings,

  13. Great idea! I'd never thought to do that!

  14. They look great! Thanks for linking up.

  15. Love love love the stairs Im looking forward to doing mine too.

  16. I love these stairs and it's precisely what I would like to do with mine.

    What type of paint did you use.

    Are you still loving it? How is it holding up?

    Mine will be from my front door, so lots of traffic.

  17. I just reread and saw that you wrote 'porch paint'. Thanks!

  18. Hi, yes, it was Valspar porch paint from Lowe's. I would top coat with poly though. I am going to do that this spring. Easier to mop.

  19. How is the paint holding up? Did you poly over it like you planned?

    Lovely blog!

  20. I love this. Maybe I can convince my hubby to go with this look... ;)

  21. We are right in the midst of "improving" my ugly stairs. I was thinking I'd have to paint myself down into the basement and escape from a window rather than waiting for them to dry. I love how excited you are about the improvement. I have many projects that I've put off for years and I agree. Once you get in there and get it done one is left with the thought, "What the heck took me so long"! Cheers and thanks for the inspiration AND TIP!

  22. Brilliant tip about the cat box !! I didn't see what type of paint you chose, can you share?