Painted Stairs- One

I took a leap and decided it was time to tackle the basement stairs.
Remember here where I ripped off the carpet? That was back in April!

It really wasn't all that hard, just time consuming.
Today I filled staple holes, sanded, sanded again.
Hint: Keep your vacuum going to suck up the dust as you sand.
And cover the smoke detector. Learned that the hard way when the alarm sounded off.
Gave me a heart attack.

Caulked seams and primed.

The trim and the back of the stairs received one coat of white and they look marvelous already.
I will tell you up to this point took me about 4 hours.

I have to paint the stair walls, one more coat of white on the stair backs and then I'm hitting the tops with porch paint...we'll see how that goes.

I love it already.
Off to put on my dancin' shoes for show time tonight. Wish me luck.


  1. Looks so much better than the carpet. I can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Looking good! It will definitely be worth all the work when they are all finished.

  3. Looking good already! Good luck tonight and have FUN!!

  4. It is going to be FABULOUS!!!! As my Lola would say (in her own special way..."SHAKE a leg." It makes me giggle. :)


  5. Great job! I'm contemplating painting my main staircase. I ripped off the horrible carpet 3 years ago, and they are dark wood. I'd like to paint the backs white, and just redo the tops. I think you've inspired me to take the plunge!
    Have fun!