Tap Dancing.
As a young girl, I learned to tap.
Loved it.
Still love it.
I dug deep this year and mustered the courage to take an adult tap dance class.
I love it even more.

Tonight we had a dress rehearsal and all the memories came flooding back from childhood.
Stage fright.
Smile big.
Don't slip on stage.
The music sounded like it was going faster and faster...and then it was done.
All the practice.
All the nerves.
The dance routine was over.

I had such fun. It is great exercise. Where else can you laugh with a bunch of women who just want to hear those tapping feet.

I encourage you to try something again from your childhood.


  1. You are too cute! What a great idea to get some exercise, loving this idea.

  2. It sounds like great fun. I dance and have done ballet in the past but tap dancing could be very intriguing!

    Art by Karena

  3. you go girl! that is awesome! i would love to take a tap class! or a clogging class:)

  4. I used to tap when I was little. I have always wanted to take an adult class but there are none here. How Fun! I saved all my childhood costumes and dragged them out the other day and laughed at how I even used to fit them.

  5. Good for you! That sounds like a lot of fun...I got kicked out of tap dance/ballet...they said I wasn't graceful enough...