Garbage Picking- Metal Shelving

I was garbage picking. Slightly ashamed. We have bulk pick up this month and certain sections of town are dumping out their unwanted goods. Hubs drove the getaway vehicle and I jumped out scoping the goods. This caught my eye just because of the color.

She's also very similar to this baby who is going for a mere $399 on Hudson Goods.

So I gave it a soapy wash and rough sand. The paint was already peeling and flaky. It was also kinda stinky, you know old, smokey smelly. So I think I need to paint it again. Would you strip it down or spray a fun color?



Before: Chair

I've been dying to do this, but was oh so scared. This chair was a hand me down and I always hated the fabric Stiff, ugly and rust colored. Yuck. I tried to sell it at garage sales and no one wanted it. So it sat in my bedroom holding folded laundry yet to be put away.
This weekend, I busted out the scissors, pins and prewashed drop cloth. I had a go at it.

I learned a lot about piecing and pinning along the way. Glad it was just a drop cloth, cause I cut it up all wrong. My skirt is too short and I have no idea what I am doing.

Good news is that Walmart had linen like fabric available and I bought 5 yards for 12 bucks. I'll be using that for round #2.

In the meantime, while I contemplate how to piece my slipcover, I busted out the serger.

Yep, the scare me to death machine. A couple of hours of reading the manual and other books, I was able to thread the thing. First time I had it all wrong. My biggest hurdle was changing the needle and engaging the knife. Took me an hour to figure I had to push the level REAL hard to get it to engage. But low and behold, my test piece is a thing of beauty. I jumped for joy.

Too bad the only thread I have is navy blue (came with the mom's serger). Wonder what she was serging with navy blue...anyway progress has been made. The little sucker cuts the fabric and I couldn't be more giddy.



Loving fresh cut flowers from the garden.

Clean work surface. How long will that last?

I've been working on my office the last couple of nights. I tried a couple of arrangements (desk was shoved around to each wall) and this one seems to work the best, offering a decent floor space and room for my large desk (aka table) and treadmill. I don't really like having my back to the door (scared like that), but think maybe a swanky mirror above the desk will help.

I started a picture wall in here too.
I used a Picture Gallery wall downstairs and love it.
This will be a start and I betcha it will fill up fast.

Not so sure what to do for window treatment.
I suck at window treatments.
I don't know what it is.
I was thinking fabric covered pelmet, or wood cornice painted white, or simple white drapes...no idea.
I do know that I am gravitating to simple, no fuss rooms lately.
Problem is that I don't want it to be BORING.

Hope you all enjoy getting some things done this weekend. We have a new addition to our family, my niece was born Wednesday and she is teeny, tiny, but we smoother her with love.


Office- Paint Treatment

Why didn't I do this sooner?
Last year I moved my office into the larger of the two spare bedrooms to gain space for both the treadmill and my desk, filing cabinets, etc.
This is how it's looked for the better part of the year.

Nothing on the walls. No window treatments. A place where stuff gets piled when company comes over (come on, I know you hide your clutter too).

I've seen many variations of stripes across blog land, two of my favorites are from Chris at Just Beachy and from Layla at The Lettered Cottage.

Tonight I tackled the big blank wall. I'm loving it as an accent wall and haven't decided if I am going to continue around the room.

Here's what I did and what I learned:
  • I made small pencil marks every 12 inches, stood back and decided the last row was too small. So I did the same every 10 inches and it worked. I'm sure there is a mathematical way to do this, but I used my eye to see what worked.
  • I then used my level and made light pencil lines across the wall. Keep them very light.
  • Next, I used painter's tape and masked out the lines. I put the tape a smidgen below the pencil line and then went back with Magic Erasure to get rid of it. I didn't want it bleeding through the paint or looking smudgy.
  • I placed a small piece of painter's tape for every row I was going to paint. This way I knew if I had to tape above or below the line.

  • Once that is done, go back and give the tape a real good rub down. I used a ruler to make it stick good.

  • This point took me about 1.5 hours. I'm slow and silly perfect like that.
  • At this point I busted out my paint. I used left over flat wall paint in a cream finish. It is the same color as my trim, just flat.
  • I rolled each row. Double coated. Removed the painters tape after each row. So I didn't paint all the rows and then go back to remove the tape. I removed it as I went along, peeling very slowly. Not one spot had any paint bleeding.
I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I'm kinda sleepy so hope I still like it when I wake up. If not, good old paint will fix it right up...how great is that?


Painted Stairs- Three

I can't contain myself. I am jumping for joy.
The basement stairs are D-O-N-E.
Do you ever say to yourself, why didn't I do this sooner?
What was I waiting for?
From here, to here, and here

If you are THINKING about painting your stairs...do it. You will not regret it.

I had a hard time with the trim around the laminate floor, but I took my time and pieced it together.
There used to be this 2 inch gap between the wall board in stairs on the left.
Crafting a piece of trim and painting it white hides the flaw.

What I learned along the way:
  • My stairs were in pretty good shape, but did have paint splatter from when the house was built. Guess when the house was built, I didn't know enough to tell the painters "Hey one day I may want to paint those, so keep your splatters to yourself." I would have spent a little more attention sanding off all of the old paint. You can see some of the shadows if you look real close, like real close.
  • I would have done a better job at sticking that blue tape down. There was some bleeding onto the white. I had to go back with a teeny tiny brush and touch up. That hurt my back bending over and being so detailed.
  • Stir your porch paint real good. I shook the can like crazy, but didn't have one of those paint stirrers. First set of steps, the paint was a little soupy. Took 3 coats. Second set, paint was thicker (3rd of can) and two thin coats went on like a breeze.
  • If you decide to repaint you stair walls, do it before you start the steps.
A fresh coat of wall paint turned a beat up stairway into a clean, crisp walkway.

  • Don't forget to paint every other step if you need to get out of the room. I would have been stuck in the basement if I didn't realize this right before I painted the second step.
  • You will get a good butt workout lunging up every other step for 2-3 days while the paint cures.
  • Remind husband to walk up and down every other step. (He actually did really good at this).
  • Move cat box to another part of house so little kitty doesn't leave paw prints. Try walking up every other step carrying cat box 'cause you forgot to move it before you painted.
  • Don't procrastinate like I did. Jump in, rip that rug up and PAINT!
Looking down the stairs

I am toying with the idea of numbering the steps, but I kinda like the clean simplicity it has now. Same for the stair walls. I thought of hanging posters or prints, but again, I love the simplicity.


Pond Babies

Few months back, we found our fish spawning and really didn't know what to make of it all. Would any of the eggs survive?
Turns out we have A LOT of baby fish in our koi pond now and they are thriving.
Hubs is hand feeding them and they go crazy.
(check out the minty drink!)


Cape May

Hubs and I took a 2 day trip to Cape May, NJ this week.

We ate delicious food, went to the beach, checked out the local Farmer's Market and lazed around reading good books.

I love the old charm of the town and can't get enough sightseeing whenever I am there.

Dreaming of ocean winds, salty air and white picket fences.


Painted Stairs- Two

I raced home last night after my show and slapped another coat of white on the stairs. I also freshly coated the walls....wonderful. What a fresh coat of paint can do!

This morning it was raining so it was a perfect time to tape off the stairs and add a coat of brown to the steps.

Two thin coats later, this is what they look like. Not much loveliness, but I can see past all the blue tape. Crossing my fingers that I like the brown when it's all said and done.

The can says to recoat after 24 hours, boo hoo. So while I wish these steps would be done sooner, I have to do it in stages. Every other step. Otherwise I'd be stuck in the basement.

P. S. One last show tonight and then the dancin' shoes go away for a few months.


Painted Stairs- One

I took a leap and decided it was time to tackle the basement stairs.
Remember here where I ripped off the carpet? That was back in April!

It really wasn't all that hard, just time consuming.
Today I filled staple holes, sanded, sanded again.
Hint: Keep your vacuum going to suck up the dust as you sand.
And cover the smoke detector. Learned that the hard way when the alarm sounded off.
Gave me a heart attack.

Caulked seams and primed.

The trim and the back of the stairs received one coat of white and they look marvelous already.
I will tell you up to this point took me about 4 hours.

I have to paint the stair walls, one more coat of white on the stair backs and then I'm hitting the tops with porch paint...we'll see how that goes.

I love it already.
Off to put on my dancin' shoes for show time tonight. Wish me luck.




Tap Dancing.
As a young girl, I learned to tap.
Loved it.
Still love it.
I dug deep this year and mustered the courage to take an adult tap dance class.
I love it even more.

Tonight we had a dress rehearsal and all the memories came flooding back from childhood.
Stage fright.
Smile big.
Don't slip on stage.
The music sounded like it was going faster and faster...and then it was done.
All the practice.
All the nerves.
The dance routine was over.

I had such fun. It is great exercise. Where else can you laugh with a bunch of women who just want to hear those tapping feet.

I encourage you to try something again from your childhood.


Beach Pillow


Beach days are plentiful this week. It's hot, hot, hot out and vacation days are being used.
I've had this beach pillow inspiration in my idea folder for a really long time.

I'm on the hunt to find the inflatable pillow. I'm thinking maybe bath pillow, camp pillow?
Anyone seen them in Target, Wal-mart, etc?

I'm dying to use some seen better days beach towels and salvage them into covers.
On the hunt....




I am gearing up for the big holiday weekend. I have some time off from work and am looking forward to R&R.

I've been tackling some more of my basement projects which I'll share soon. The stairs is on the top of the list and I am almost done fixing up the trim---ready for primer and paint for those stairs!

I love being organized and I STILL love doing laundry. I'm all caught up and I have to tell myself not to make laundry just to use the machine.

I hope you all have a great weekend spending time with those near and dear to you! Cherish the time spent and be thankful.