To Stack or Not to Stack?

Let me say....I love, love, love my new washing machine. It cleaned my kitchen throw rugs spic and span new. I've never seen them so clean! I love watching the spin cycle and giggle at the little chime when everything is done.

Here is my dilemma...the set is so new, new that the model isn't even in the Sears Parts computer yet. SO, I've gotten two wrong parts- wrong LP conversion kit, wrong stacking kit. I've talked to about 4 different people already! However, I've been told the right LP kit is on it's way...OK, waiting.

Tonight I figured I'd open the stacking kit box and check it out...low and behold, it's the wrong one. I'm not surprised at this point, BUT now I am thinking...should I really stack them. I wanted to gain some floor space, BUT would counter space be better??? Would I be able to reach the controls on top comfortably? UGH, decisions.

I saved this image because I like the space saving from the stacking, but how high are those controls???

How about you? Have you stacked?

Picture either solution and let me know your opinion. If stacked, they would be off to the far right leaving space next to the water softener.


  1. I am tall so I never thought about the controls being so high. However, mine aren't stacked and I use the top for folding space. I have heard that they vibrate a lot when stacked but since they are in your basement that won't be a problem. I would measure for the height once stacked to see if it will work for you. You can always put a great table next to it for folding!! I LOVE my front loader!!

  2. I am overall envious of your new washer and dryer....Hahaha! Who know I would lust after appliances? (Ahhh..the Dyson still plucks at my heart strings).

    I would say NOT to stack only b/c of the vibrating issue and the height issue. I am medium height but gosh darn it...you better believe I will take Thurgood up on helping me with laundry when he engages in his GAZILLION sports.

    Best of luck my dear.


  3. That's so funny: my husband and I were just having this conversation last night about a potential new washer and dryer.

    I'd really love to have a spot of floor that stacking would give us, but the countertop over them when not stacked is so appealing too.

    I'll be watching the voting here.