Pool House- Storage

I am always on the hunt for more storage.
I needed to care for two things in the pool house, keep the audio components and obtain more storage.

Up came this dresser from the basement. I've had it for many years and I painted it white soon after it entered my home. It's moved from room to room, but I think it's perfect for this space.

The drawers are deep and sturdy. They are now holding all my paper and plastic products for outdoor parties...with room to spare.

I roughed up the edges to expose some gold leaf paint underneath.

While I am not all that fond of the big black box on top, it's all about compromises and I admit I love listening to tunes booming from the outdoor speakers while I putter around the yard.


  1. I have a chest like that in my laundry room that holds all of my paper goods, extra silverware, tablecloths, etc. It sure comes in handy besided just in the bedroom. Yours in white looks great.

  2. Beautiful!

    Thanks for the bathroom comments! I wish I had taken before pics...the room is much more spacious with this sink/vanity combo. It's only 24 inches wide, and we found it at Lowes. Izzy has made the box into a fort. I went to tuck her in tonight, and she was sound asleep....in the open box....
    Faucet is Pfister from Home Depot. I used a toilet roll holder for both the actual toilet paper and the hand towels. Cheaper, and it fits the space better than the companione one they showed.

  3. Hi! This looks great!

    Can you take the top drawer out, use that space as a shelf, and put the compenents in there? My hubby and I converted a similiar dresser into a flat screen tv stand by doing that. Our dvr and dvd player tucked into the nook pretty well. We drilled a hole in the back to pull the cords through.

    Thanks for visiting us and enjoy the week! :)