Pool House- "Stay"cation

No concept of time. Just pure relaxation.

"Stay"cation. That's what I enjoyed this past week off from work. The weather was GORGEOUS and no email, no cells phones, no work worries was splendid.

I shopped the house, bought some blinds and brought the pool house to life for the summer.

Hubs and I worked a lot in the yard, had a couple of BBQs with family and friends and enjoyed getting little projects done.

Napping room.
That painting is a new addition from my cousin.
He painted it himself! Our own rendering of our backyard.
Love it!

It's been fun figuring out what is useful to have out in the pool house...lighters, cork screws, towels, sunscreen, lots of beverages and some old home magazines.

My great grandmother's silverware put to use.

I took plenty of naps, swam in the pool and enjoyed a splendid week. Happy Summer!


  1. Can I just say how jealous I am that you have a Pool House!?!?! :)

  2. oops - meant to say stayCAtion;)

  3. Sounds like a lovely staytion:) Love the silverware, too!

  4. I would love a pool and a pool house, even better! Sounds like a fabulous week!

  5. I absolutely love your Grandmother's silver in the mason jars!!