Laundry- So much better

Ahhhh. Sigh. Smile.
My laundry room is starting to take shape.
Is it possible to smile when doing laundry?

I paid the propane man to come to my house and convert my dryer. He was a nice fellow that helped Hubs stack the set and hook up a new dryer vent too. I couldn't wait for him to leave so I could start using my new set to its fullest capabilities.

I love it. It senses the amount of water to use, spins out so fast that the clothes are almost dry and my dryer is on half the time.

I took the chrome shelving unit out from my upstairs pantry and put in in here. It was the perfect size to hold my laundry baskets that were on the floor.

See these S hooks, they are wonderful for these shelves...I used one here to hold the towel that I wipe down everything with.

To prevent that moldy smell folks complained about with front loaders, I wipe the gasket after each use and keep the door and detergent draw open when not in use.

On the list:
  1. Second coat the floor. It got scuffed up with all the work in there, so I'm glad I didn't finish it sooner. A second coat will make it all better.
  2. Buy a rug for the space.
  3. Explore hanging a curtain on the back wall to cover up the plumbing, etc.
  4. Hang hooks on wall.


  1. Oh...they are so pretty!
    Thanks for stopping over with get well wishes the other day!

  2. Very nice. I think our dryer is on it's last legs, so I'm really glad there are so many people posting about their new washer/dryer sets.

    I'm really interested in getting stackable machines. Do they have the same capacity as side-by-sides?