Laundry - Front Loaders???

So I am on the hunt for a new set of laundry machines.
I bought a brand new pair back in '03 for $1232 bucks and was disappointed many times since.
Brand was Maytag. The pump went 3 times, once warranty covered. Now my dryer timer went. I've been using pliers to pull the knob and run up and down the stairs timing the loads myself. AND NOW, it just doesn't heat...so could be a host of reasons why and parts to address.
Hubs and I are this close to deciding to buy a whole new set.

It seems that front loaders are the way to go because they are efficient, but oh my the choices.
I am a no frills gal, so I just need your basic ON OFF type.

I am leaning towards an LG model that is on sale at Home Depot right now.
What do you all have and what's your vote?


  1. We have a front loader from Whirlpool. We've had it for two years (can't believe it's been that long!) without any issues and we've been really happy with it. It's basic - nothing too fancy, but I love the efficiency.

  2. I have wore out 3 top load washers in about 12 years. I burn up the transmission which is probably from too many jeans from my boys!! This last time we bought a front loader as there isn't an agitator for me to wear down the transmission on!! I LOVE it! Mine was a scratch and dent sale at the Maytag store. It is a Whirlpool that I got for $600. It is noisy and spins faster than anything I have ever seen which gets jeans and towels dryer, which helps the dryer not run so long. I can fill it pretty full without any trouble. The pros far out weigh any of the cons I have with it. Good luck!!

  3. We have the Maytag Bravos set, the washer is not a front loader but the inside operates the same way as one, and it is just as energy efficient. They were top on the Consumer reports list. I didn't want a front loader because of the mold and stink problems that come with the doors. I'm extremely happy with the set, the dryer has a steam function too!