Laundry- Clothesline

What a beautiful sight.
Sheets billowing in the breeze.
Fresh clean scent.

I am waiting for my Gas to LP conversion kit for my dryer.
Until then I am using my clothesline. Brand new line.
Can't believe I never used one before.

I am not fond of the itchy towels, but the sheets are heavenly.


  1. I love my clothes line. I heard someone say that the scratchy towels can just be used as an extra exfolliant. I love the way the outside smells on my clothes.

  2. Heavenly indeed! It's one of my favorite things about summer. Nothing gives a better nights sleep! :)

  3. What a delightful sight! Sweet picture and I love those sheets!

  4. That IS such a pretty sight. I always wish I hung my laundry out, but I never seem to actually do anything about it.

  5. Your comment about falling through the wall of your shower made me laugh so hard. And now I have a memory of hanging clothes on the clothes line at my parents home when I was young. I thought I could use it as a tight-rope. I used to be a gymnast and thought I could do tricks on everything. Luckily I never even made it to the line because I wasn't able to climb the post. I love the smell of fresh sheets off the line. Ah, memories!