Pool House- Storage

I am always on the hunt for more storage.
I needed to care for two things in the pool house, keep the audio components and obtain more storage.

Up came this dresser from the basement. I've had it for many years and I painted it white soon after it entered my home. It's moved from room to room, but I think it's perfect for this space.

The drawers are deep and sturdy. They are now holding all my paper and plastic products for outdoor parties...with room to spare.

I roughed up the edges to expose some gold leaf paint underneath.

While I am not all that fond of the big black box on top, it's all about compromises and I admit I love listening to tunes booming from the outdoor speakers while I putter around the yard.


Cabinet Door Do Over #2

Here's another cabinet door do over.

I sprayed the unfinished wood with a grey primer.

I then painted the edges with my new favorite paint color (Valspar Silversea).

Out came the Cricut. I decided on beaches that are favorites of Hubs and mine and went to town printing out letters on vinyl. I played around with the style and size of fonts.

I sized and drew level lines and positioned my words.

I painted over the vinyl with a white wash and let it dry.

About 2 hours latter, I peeled back the vinyl and revealed the grey! Loved it.

A good rub down with the orbital sander to make it look good and old.

A couple of eye hooks, some rope, and now a very special item to ..............

HIDE THE ELECTRICAL PANEL in the pool house.



Laundry- So much better

Ahhhh. Sigh. Smile.
My laundry room is starting to take shape.
Is it possible to smile when doing laundry?

I paid the propane man to come to my house and convert my dryer. He was a nice fellow that helped Hubs stack the set and hook up a new dryer vent too. I couldn't wait for him to leave so I could start using my new set to its fullest capabilities.

I love it. It senses the amount of water to use, spins out so fast that the clothes are almost dry and my dryer is on half the time.

I took the chrome shelving unit out from my upstairs pantry and put in in here. It was the perfect size to hold my laundry baskets that were on the floor.

See these S hooks, they are wonderful for these shelves...I used one here to hold the towel that I wipe down everything with.

To prevent that moldy smell folks complained about with front loaders, I wipe the gasket after each use and keep the door and detergent draw open when not in use.

On the list:
  1. Second coat the floor. It got scuffed up with all the work in there, so I'm glad I didn't finish it sooner. A second coat will make it all better.
  2. Buy a rug for the space.
  3. Explore hanging a curtain on the back wall to cover up the plumbing, etc.
  4. Hang hooks on wall.


Laundry- Clothesline

What a beautiful sight.
Sheets billowing in the breeze.
Fresh clean scent.

I am waiting for my Gas to LP conversion kit for my dryer.
Until then I am using my clothesline. Brand new line.
Can't believe I never used one before.

I am not fond of the itchy towels, but the sheets are heavenly.


Repurposed Cabinet Door

Remember this cabinet door do over?
She finally found a home in the pool house.

Colorful towels are kept on her.
No more listening to "where are the towels?"
They now have a home.


To Stack or Not to Stack?

Let me say....I love, love, love my new washing machine. It cleaned my kitchen throw rugs spic and span new. I've never seen them so clean! I love watching the spin cycle and giggle at the little chime when everything is done.

Here is my dilemma...the set is so new, new that the model isn't even in the Sears Parts computer yet. SO, I've gotten two wrong parts- wrong LP conversion kit, wrong stacking kit. I've talked to about 4 different people already! However, I've been told the right LP kit is on it's way...OK, waiting.

Tonight I figured I'd open the stacking kit box and check it out...low and behold, it's the wrong one. I'm not surprised at this point, BUT now I am thinking...should I really stack them. I wanted to gain some floor space, BUT would counter space be better??? Would I be able to reach the controls on top comfortably? UGH, decisions.

I saved this image because I like the space saving from the stacking, but how high are those controls???

How about you? Have you stacked?

Picture either solution and let me know your opinion. If stacked, they would be off to the far right leaving space next to the water softener.


New Laundry Room

This was the "before". Way back when I started the whole basement organization project.

This was this morning.
After Hubs moved the old washer and dryer out. Gross gunk on the floor.

In a mad dash to clean out, freshen up and prep for the new washer and dryer, I took on a HUGE task today. Everything came out of the old laundry room. Everything was wiped down.

Cobwebs were sucked up and even a fresh coat of paint went onto the floor. One coat and it's looking mighty fine. I love, love, love the deep brown.

Happy Weekend!


Laundry- Baby 1 and Baby 2

I really don't like appliance shopping...too many choices.
Good news is that I narrowed it down purely on price between LG and Whirlpool.
Problem was that neither were readily available.

BUT the better news was Sears just came out with new Kenmore model that was on SALE!
So just because of that, wham, they were in the running.
The features, size and most importantly the PRICE was what I was willing to spend.
So they are on their way.

Only small glitch is that they are so new that Sears Parts didn't have the part # to order me LP conversion kit or the stacker brackets.
I am trying not to fret and have emailed Kenmore customer service to please please get back to me ASAP.
I'm sure it will all work out.

Meanwhile laundry is piling up.
I better do some loads in the washer that is on its last legs! Going green and line drying.
How many days til Sunday?
The babies will arrive.


Laundry - Front Loaders???

So I am on the hunt for a new set of laundry machines.
I bought a brand new pair back in '03 for $1232 bucks and was disappointed many times since.
Brand was Maytag. The pump went 3 times, once warranty covered. Now my dryer timer went. I've been using pliers to pull the knob and run up and down the stairs timing the loads myself. AND NOW, it just doesn't heat...so could be a host of reasons why and parts to address.
Hubs and I are this close to deciding to buy a whole new set.

It seems that front loaders are the way to go because they are efficient, but oh my the choices.
I am a no frills gal, so I just need your basic ON OFF type.

I am leaning towards an LG model that is on sale at Home Depot right now.
What do you all have and what's your vote?


Pool House- "Stay"cation

No concept of time. Just pure relaxation.

"Stay"cation. That's what I enjoyed this past week off from work. The weather was GORGEOUS and no email, no cells phones, no work worries was splendid.

I shopped the house, bought some blinds and brought the pool house to life for the summer.

Hubs and I worked a lot in the yard, had a couple of BBQs with family and friends and enjoyed getting little projects done.

Napping room.
That painting is a new addition from my cousin.
He painted it himself! Our own rendering of our backyard.
Love it!

It's been fun figuring out what is useful to have out in the pool house...lighters, cork screws, towels, sunscreen, lots of beverages and some old home magazines.

My great grandmother's silverware put to use.

I took plenty of naps, swam in the pool and enjoyed a splendid week. Happy Summer!