Peonies and Bamboo

Today was a cool misty day here and a great day for a long nap and yard work. It was really in that order :)

Two years ago I bought two peony bushes at my local bulk grocery story. Hey, why not?

I can't believe it, they are about to bloom. Perfection.

Hubs and I worked most of the afternoon outside in the misty rain. I was raking dead bamboo leaves, while he was transplanting. He had spent the better part of the last 3 weekends inserting the bamboo barrier (thick plastic like a pool liner) into trenches.

Barrier sticking up far right.

We had traveled to Maui and my husbands obsession with bamboo only grew after our trip. We visited Hana and "seven pools" or something or other and hiked through the bamboo trail.

The perimeter of my yard is now enclosed with bamboo. It really is beautiful. Be forewarned, you need a barrier! Lucky for me Hubs always does lots of research and planned accordingly.

Well, hope you all have a great start on Monday to the new week.

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