How I spent my day

Photos from jcrew.com

What a great day.
I took the afternoon off. I went straight to the dermatologist who removed my stitches from my mole removal. I met with not my regular doctor, but an older gentleman. He seemed nice enough. I told him I can't wait to get the stitches out and pointed to a slight bump. I said it had really gone down but was still slightly raised where my stitches ended. He said in a thick accent "It's a healing ridge." huh? "What?" "It's a healing ridge and it looks good. Healed very well."

Ok. Take those puppies out. The nurse came in and a little snipping and tugging, all gone. Much better.

Next off to pick up my cousin and her chubba wubba bebe. All loaded into car with kid stuff (stroller, diaper bag, etc).

Next off to Habitat for Humanity. I unloaded one garbage bag of linens (tablecloths, curtains, sheets), one large basket of home goods, two small bags of knicknacks, and 2 wood shelves. The lady kept looking at me like "wow, there's more." Must have been like Christmas. I never felt better. Free.

Next off to our OUTLETS to clothing shop. Here's where it gets good, real good. Mind you I needed to go. This is what I told myself. You see I lost weight, one pant size. SOOOO, I needed to go. :) A girl has to have clothes that fit right?

JCrew was having 20% if they sent you a coupon on top of their sale prices. Their Ts are my favorite, hands down. They wash well, don't fade, pill or wrinkle too bad. V-neck all the way.

I loaded up on shorts and Ts. I so now wish I bough the skinny belt and pin...might have to dash back.

Dinner at a local joint which has the best food. I had soup, salad, scallops with panko breadcrumbs, rice and skinny onion rings. I couldn't finish it all, but HUBS was happy when I came home with leftovers.

OH...and Gap Outlet. Huge sale. 40% off all adult wear. And I opened a card (which I hate to do) but it was another 25% off. My receipt said I saved $162.00!!! I bought 2 yoga capris, 1 cardigan (3/4 sleeve), 2 summer weight sweater, 1 beach cover up, 1 denim skirt, 1 summer robe, and a dress, hat and purse (those were a gift for my cousin). There was a great pair jeans called Essential something or other, but they didn't have my size...should I try again? Funny thing is that all my bags have neutral colored clothing...black, brown, grey...they are my standards. Am I not a colorful person ? :)

Anyway, if you have outlets near you...check to see if it's sale time.


  1. How fun!! Good for you with all of your new clothes and your new size.

  2. Awesome deals on your clothes!!!That is great that you have lost a whole size! Way to go!

  3. I love outlet shopping - Gap and J.Crew are two of my faves!