Heath Alert- Sun Protection

As a kid I just didn't wear sunscreen. As a teenager I lathered up in oil.
In my mid twenties I went to the dermatologist complaining of rash and was asked if I every had a skin check. Well, no.

After that check, I had 3 moles removed. Holy Moley.

Since then I have gone back to have my moles checked regularly. This year the doctor was concerned with 3. Two were really dark and one just had a funny shape. 2 or the 3 came back as "should be removed."

Today I had surgery on one, located on upper abdomen. It required 5 teeny tiny stitches, but is a reminder to be vigilant in noticing changes to your body.

I dragged my husband as he had two really dark funky shaped ones too. They were shaved and sent off for review today.

While I am not all that happy about the stitches, it could have been worse and it could have turned into full blown cancer if not checked.

Wear your sunscreen and check for unusual moles.

I am a huge fan of Neutrogena sunscreen. My skin is super sensitive. I've never had a reaction and it goes on super smooth and non-greasy.

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  1. This is an excellent reminder! I was a teacher and I had a student who, when I first met her at 12, was a skin cancer survivor. Sunscreen and skin checks are definitely important.