Craig My Friend

I have a friend, his name is Craig and he keeps a mighty fine list.
I love it. Craigslist. I have bought and sold so much on that list.

In a part of my effort to organize my entire home, my motto has been Don't Use it, Let it go.
Well, let it go for some cash if I can.

Remember where the basement started....how embarrassing!

Those base cabinets...gone.

Hutch (which was pain in the royal behind to paint...I swear it was jinxed). Gone.

Cash received bought me a new chrome shelf. A third one to match these two.
Basement progress is a beautiful thing.

If you are on the fence if you should let some things go....do it. I am telling you no regrets and you WILL feel better without useless things in your house.

Tomorrow I am off to Habitat for Humanity with a big bag of linens, old dishes, etc. Don't use it- Lose it!

I am looking for some really fun colorful printed sheets that I can make into curtains for windows and doorways in the basement...let me know what you've seen...so far Target and Walmart-nothing striking my fancy.


  1. Ahhh... I love getting rid of old stuff - especially if I can get paid for it!

  2. Oh Wow... Your basement looks great!! I am sooo ready to get rid of some items that I don't use, that is taking up lots of space in our home! You have really inspired me to get myself into geer and get in action!! Thanks so much for your great post!


  3. I have several of those shelves and love them. The industrial look and very organized!!


    Art by Karena

  4. I have started that process here. I am preparing for what I hope turns out to be a huge yard sale to help pay for some updates in the kitchen. Yours is looking great! Jackie

  5. great post! i am also a lover of craigslist!