Basement Update - Painted Trim

Tada. Ahhhh...lot of time yields some mighty fine looking walls.

I spent the better part of today (we'll 12 hours to be exact) prepping and painting all the bead board, trim. I also had a last minute dash of energy and final coated the walls.

I'm really kinda weird about nail holes. When I caulk, I dab a little bit in each hole, but it's never flush and smooth. So I use paintable wood filler and go back and dab that into each hole. It's kinda gritty so I keep a damp paper towel with me and wipe off the excess. When dried, I go back with my sanding sponge to smooth it all out. You'd never know most of them were there.

I used Valspar paint and I was pleased with it. It rolled and brushed on pretty smooth and dried real nice. Believe it or not I could have gotten away with one coat of the wall paint, but I did end up putting 3 coats on, just because I made a few repairs along the way.

A word of caution...the bead board was a royal pain to paint. It's MDF and primed, but after about the 2nd wall I learned my tricks. Use small brush to paint the grooves, then roll with sponge roller to smooth out, then go back and hit any imperfections with brush again, then lightly roll with roller last time. Time consuming. Maybe real wood is easier. The bead board on my kitchen island doesn't have as deep grooves and a roller took care of it easy peasy.

Next up, vapor barrier for laminate floor. OOOH scary considering my mold issue.


  1. It's coming along!! Your basement is going to look great. When it's done it will be worth the hard work....Kathy

  2. NICE! You totally gave me that extra kick to get my kitchen started again. =)

  3. Hi, I can't believe you went out and bought a router but have never used it. What? Actually, that's not true, I bought an HVLP and have hardly used it. Well when you do break it out, I hope you create all kinds of fantastic projects.

  4. Hi, thanks for visiting my over at my little blog. I love what you're doing in that room, that paint color is just lovely, and beadboard....I just love it. Can't wait to read more. Take Care, Carrie

  5. Looks great! Beadboard is really hard to paint, I used that same trick on our MDF panels in our bathroom. I wish we could finish the basement, but we get healthy amounts of water so no deal :(