It was a warm, partly sunny day here. Perfect for planting flowers!
I kept up my edging party with myself while Hubs spread black mulch on all of our planting beds.

He then dug the holes for the flowers. (I'll share that tip later, I forgot to take a picture of my edger and flower digger, but it makes the job so much easier).

Me: How do you want me to plant these?
Hubs: Mix them up.
Me: thinking...then...No I like batches. Pink, Purple, Pink.
Hubs: Whatever, that's fine.

You see he is the more creative one. He likes his flower beds curvy. I like things linear, with symmetry. He likes odd numbers.

A little fertilizer and I followed behind planting 12 flats of Wave petunias in purple, pink and rose. I am a HUGE fans of the Waves. We've tried a lot of different annuals over the 12 summers we've lived here, but the Waves by far do the best in our yard.

And to top it off the fish were going crazy in the pond today. There was some action going on and the males were chasing the females. The white shadows on lower right are fish eggs! We've never had this happen cause all our fish were so small the last few years. It now seems we've got a few males in the batch. Hubs said we'll wait and see. I on the other had was sternly telling the males to "leave the ladies alone." :)


  1. What a beautiful yard you have. Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures.

  2. Beautiful landscape design, I love what you have accomplished.

    Art by Karena

  3. your yard is fabulous! I want to see more!! We dug out a huge lilac bush this weekend and planted a new bed...lots of good work!
    Have a great week!