Planter Painting


Here's a simple before and after using my inspiration photo from Ballard Designs.

Two 12 year old faded, fake plastic pots.
One with a significant gouge destined for the trash.

One can of Rust-oleum plastic spray paint. Espresso in color.
Spray away.

Two new pots.

Now I have to go get some more flowers.


Guest Bedroom Lighting

Delmar Wall Sconce from Pottery Barn

I've been obsessed with these wall lights for some time. While I have seen some other great ones on my search, these are the ones I keep getting drawn too. Their industrial look, their simplicity.

I am trying to spruce up my guest room. It's small, cozy and perfect for napping, but the accessories and the lighting...well, are non existent.

The wicker table is getting removed. It takes up space which is hard to come by.

Would you splurge for these from PB? One or two?


Peonies and Bamboo

Today was a cool misty day here and a great day for a long nap and yard work. It was really in that order :)

Two years ago I bought two peony bushes at my local bulk grocery story. Hey, why not?

I can't believe it, they are about to bloom. Perfection.

Hubs and I worked most of the afternoon outside in the misty rain. I was raking dead bamboo leaves, while he was transplanting. He had spent the better part of the last 3 weekends inserting the bamboo barrier (thick plastic like a pool liner) into trenches.

Barrier sticking up far right.

We had traveled to Maui and my husbands obsession with bamboo only grew after our trip. We visited Hana and "seven pools" or something or other and hiked through the bamboo trail.

The perimeter of my yard is now enclosed with bamboo. It really is beautiful. Be forewarned, you need a barrier! Lucky for me Hubs always does lots of research and planned accordingly.

Well, hope you all have a great start on Monday to the new week.



It was a warm, partly sunny day here. Perfect for planting flowers!
I kept up my edging party with myself while Hubs spread black mulch on all of our planting beds.

He then dug the holes for the flowers. (I'll share that tip later, I forgot to take a picture of my edger and flower digger, but it makes the job so much easier).

Me: How do you want me to plant these?
Hubs: Mix them up.
Me: thinking...then...No I like batches. Pink, Purple, Pink.
Hubs: Whatever, that's fine.

You see he is the more creative one. He likes his flower beds curvy. I like things linear, with symmetry. He likes odd numbers.

A little fertilizer and I followed behind planting 12 flats of Wave petunias in purple, pink and rose. I am a HUGE fans of the Waves. We've tried a lot of different annuals over the 12 summers we've lived here, but the Waves by far do the best in our yard.

And to top it off the fish were going crazy in the pond today. There was some action going on and the males were chasing the females. The white shadows on lower right are fish eggs! We've never had this happen cause all our fish were so small the last few years. It now seems we've got a few males in the batch. Hubs said we'll wait and see. I on the other had was sternly telling the males to "leave the ladies alone." :)


How I spent my day

Photos from jcrew.com

What a great day.
I took the afternoon off. I went straight to the dermatologist who removed my stitches from my mole removal. I met with not my regular doctor, but an older gentleman. He seemed nice enough. I told him I can't wait to get the stitches out and pointed to a slight bump. I said it had really gone down but was still slightly raised where my stitches ended. He said in a thick accent "It's a healing ridge." huh? "What?" "It's a healing ridge and it looks good. Healed very well."

Ok. Take those puppies out. The nurse came in and a little snipping and tugging, all gone. Much better.

Next off to pick up my cousin and her chubba wubba bebe. All loaded into car with kid stuff (stroller, diaper bag, etc).

Next off to Habitat for Humanity. I unloaded one garbage bag of linens (tablecloths, curtains, sheets), one large basket of home goods, two small bags of knicknacks, and 2 wood shelves. The lady kept looking at me like "wow, there's more." Must have been like Christmas. I never felt better. Free.

Next off to our OUTLETS to clothing shop. Here's where it gets good, real good. Mind you I needed to go. This is what I told myself. You see I lost weight, one pant size. SOOOO, I needed to go. :) A girl has to have clothes that fit right?

JCrew was having 20% if they sent you a coupon on top of their sale prices. Their Ts are my favorite, hands down. They wash well, don't fade, pill or wrinkle too bad. V-neck all the way.

I loaded up on shorts and Ts. I so now wish I bough the skinny belt and pin...might have to dash back.

Dinner at a local joint which has the best food. I had soup, salad, scallops with panko breadcrumbs, rice and skinny onion rings. I couldn't finish it all, but HUBS was happy when I came home with leftovers.

OH...and Gap Outlet. Huge sale. 40% off all adult wear. And I opened a card (which I hate to do) but it was another 25% off. My receipt said I saved $162.00!!! I bought 2 yoga capris, 1 cardigan (3/4 sleeve), 2 summer weight sweater, 1 beach cover up, 1 denim skirt, 1 summer robe, and a dress, hat and purse (those were a gift for my cousin). There was a great pair jeans called Essential something or other, but they didn't have my size...should I try again? Funny thing is that all my bags have neutral colored clothing...black, brown, grey...they are my standards. Am I not a colorful person ? :)

Anyway, if you have outlets near you...check to see if it's sale time.


Craig My Friend

I have a friend, his name is Craig and he keeps a mighty fine list.
I love it. Craigslist. I have bought and sold so much on that list.

In a part of my effort to organize my entire home, my motto has been Don't Use it, Let it go.
Well, let it go for some cash if I can.

Remember where the basement started....how embarrassing!

Those base cabinets...gone.

Hutch (which was pain in the royal behind to paint...I swear it was jinxed). Gone.

Cash received bought me a new chrome shelf. A third one to match these two.
Basement progress is a beautiful thing.

If you are on the fence if you should let some things go....do it. I am telling you no regrets and you WILL feel better without useless things in your house.

Tomorrow I am off to Habitat for Humanity with a big bag of linens, old dishes, etc. Don't use it- Lose it!

I am looking for some really fun colorful printed sheets that I can make into curtains for windows and doorways in the basement...let me know what you've seen...so far Target and Walmart-nothing striking my fancy.


We have a winner

Congrats to Jonnie from Mom of Boys with Toys.
You are the winner of the CSN gift certificate!


Outside Work

My purple clematis blooms early!

What a lovely weekend! I wish the weather was like this on the east coast all year...perfect 70's, no humidity, blue skies...ahh.

The basement took a backseat to the blue skies and I worked outside on the yard. We are a little behind since Hubs has been soooo busy with work. This weekend was big progress though. We are preparing for our yearly mulch delivery and I edged our beds. I am about halfway done, but I am so very happy with the progress. Bring on the mulch and flowers!

P.S. Don't forget about the giveaway.



I love the blogging world. I’ve corresponded with so many nice people and have learned some amazing tips along the way. Even better is that your come across great websites to find the goods you need, want and swoon for.

I was giddy with excitement when CSN contacted me about hosting a giveaway on my blog. My little 'ol blog. Certainly!

CSN is offering a $40 gift certificate to US and Canada residents.

Their site is amazing. One of my next projects is to add some finishing touches to my guest room. It’s small and cozy and needs some ambiance. I am looking for some wall sconces to hang over the bed. The room is so crowded that I want to rid the small side table and hang the light. Holy Toledo look at all the choices.

Here are some of my top picks.

About the giveaway.

To enter, if you are a follower, just leave me a comment on this entry telling me how you’d like to use your $40. If you are not already a follower, become one and leave me a comment telling me the same.

A winner will be picked at random on 5/18/10. All entries close midnight 5/17/10 EST.

Have fun shopping their site for inspiration!

Specifics about Gift Certificate:

1. To be used during the last step of checkout under “Promotional Codes…”

2. Code expires after first use.

3. Entire promotional amount must be used on first purchase.

4. If the total cost of basket exceeds the amount of money from the promotional code, you are responsible for the difference

5. Promotional code will be applied to all items in your basket

6. Expires December 31, 2011

7. This is only good for U.S and Canada residents only


Basement Organization- Shelving

Sump pit cover is on its way. I hope it fits.

I hope you all enjoyed Mother's Day. I had a splendid afternoon with extended family and the newest little bebe to the brood. She's chunky monkey and I love her to pieces.

I've had such fun organizing my basement shelves. So much so that I think I am going to buy one more for the other side of the room. I'll have one for pantry, one for crafts and sewing and one for household items.

I bought these totes at Target yesterday and they are the perfect size for storing my white dishes that I use for entertaining. I bought them many years ago at Wal-mart for a service of 24. These totes can easily be moved around and Hubs can drag them upstairs when I need them. My dishes will be kept clean and dust free. 1 held the dinner plates. 1 held the bowls and cups. 1 held the dessert and saucers with cups.


Basement Organization- Shelving

The shelves are going up. I am giddy with excitement.
Two side by side will fit perfectly. They are so shiny and spectacular.

I went to Target, Lowes and BJs today. I loaded up on bins, baskets and all sort of goodies to help me organize.

I can't even begin to tell you how great it is to have storage space. Everything will have a home and central location.

Right now I have stuff mish mash in different closets all over the house. It will be so nice to sort and pick a home for the stuff.

These basement shelves are going to hold overflow pantry items, my sewing and craft stuff and out of season...well, stuff. Lots of stuff.


Heath Alert- Sun Protection

As a kid I just didn't wear sunscreen. As a teenager I lathered up in oil.
In my mid twenties I went to the dermatologist complaining of rash and was asked if I every had a skin check. Well, no.

After that check, I had 3 moles removed. Holy Moley.

Since then I have gone back to have my moles checked regularly. This year the doctor was concerned with 3. Two were really dark and one just had a funny shape. 2 or the 3 came back as "should be removed."

Today I had surgery on one, located on upper abdomen. It required 5 teeny tiny stitches, but is a reminder to be vigilant in noticing changes to your body.

I dragged my husband as he had two really dark funky shaped ones too. They were shaved and sent off for review today.

While I am not all that happy about the stitches, it could have been worse and it could have turned into full blown cancer if not checked.

Wear your sunscreen and check for unusual moles.

I am a huge fan of Neutrogena sunscreen. My skin is super sensitive. I've never had a reaction and it goes on super smooth and non-greasy.


Basement Organization

Source: House Beautiful Ina Garten

Source: Container Store

The basement flooring is coming along nicely. I had to stop at my last 3 cuts to go run to Lowe's and buy a threshold. I have no idea how I am going to install it onto the concrete.
It transitions from the laminate flooring into the laundry/utility room which is just concrete.
Pondering some ideas rather than drilling.

Time to regroup and plan my space.

While at Lowe's I bought 2- 5 shelf wire units in chrome.
I debated for about 15 minutes if I should get the chrome or the brushed nickel. Hearing Hubs walk up the aisle I made the decision for chrome. Classic.

I'll check them out, for the price I couldn't pass them up. I've seen them cost double at other "organization" type stores.


Basement Update - Flooring

Ahhhhhhhh, progress.

I've been working a later shift this week. It happens four times a year where I am "on call", but it also means I get to start work later. It amazes me what that time allows me to do...food shopping on Monday and lots of basement progress.

Remember this?

And then I did this---vapor barrier. WOW, look at that red.

I can now see lots of storage solutions coming my way.


Basement Update - Painted Trim

Tada. Ahhhh...lot of time yields some mighty fine looking walls.

I spent the better part of today (we'll 12 hours to be exact) prepping and painting all the bead board, trim. I also had a last minute dash of energy and final coated the walls.

I'm really kinda weird about nail holes. When I caulk, I dab a little bit in each hole, but it's never flush and smooth. So I use paintable wood filler and go back and dab that into each hole. It's kinda gritty so I keep a damp paper towel with me and wipe off the excess. When dried, I go back with my sanding sponge to smooth it all out. You'd never know most of them were there.

I used Valspar paint and I was pleased with it. It rolled and brushed on pretty smooth and dried real nice. Believe it or not I could have gotten away with one coat of the wall paint, but I did end up putting 3 coats on, just because I made a few repairs along the way.

A word of caution...the bead board was a royal pain to paint. It's MDF and primed, but after about the 2nd wall I learned my tricks. Use small brush to paint the grooves, then roll with sponge roller to smooth out, then go back and hit any imperfections with brush again, then lightly roll with roller last time. Time consuming. Maybe real wood is easier. The bead board on my kitchen island doesn't have as deep grooves and a roller took care of it easy peasy.

Next up, vapor barrier for laminate floor. OOOH scary considering my mold issue.