Wall Heater - Ugly Yellow Hose

So I was sicky, sick for the last few days...down and out with a stomach bug. Tonight I shuffled downstairs to stare at my weekend work ahead. I took about a half hour to sand down some of my spackle and instantly got tired and defeated. I told myself to give up and call it a day.

My mind is racing trying to figure out what I should do with this darn heater wall.

This was me tonight.

Shuffle. Shuffle. Sigh.
Hubs: Yes?
Me: What are the chances of taking down this wall heater?
Hubs: I thought you said you were going to work with it?
Me: (With the look of DID I SAY THAT on my face) Uh yeah. But.
Hubs: What is it that you don't like about it?
Me: The ugly yellow hose.
Hubs rolled eyes and pointed at his heater on his side of man cave.
Yes, he has ugly yellow hose too.
Snicker, Giggle, Smile.

So here is my dilemma. Should I camouflage or just call it a day?
Sand. Spackle. Sand. Spackle. And Again.
Then just paint the wall?
Who really cares about the ugly hose?
Or should I do SOMETHING? ANYTHING? to make it pretty?

Arms in the air...why do I care so much about the ugly yellow hose?
I have other fish to fry in this basement redo.


  1. Can you paint the hose the same color you paint the wall? That would camouflage it a bit and just look like a pipe running along the wall like they do in older homes to the radiators and such.

    That would be my first plan of attack if the ugly yellow hose belonged to me. Start simple and cheap and see if that's enough to appease your eyes ...

  2. I was going to suggest painting it too. If that can't be done, then maybe put a big potted plant there? The leaves could hide the hose...

  3. Thanks for your tips...I admit I chuckled at the potted plant idea...not cause its a bad one, but because house plants and me- well, we aren't friends. I have one single house plant and only because it doesn't like much water.