Camper Sofa Part 2

Sneak Peak at Other Part of Sofa

My cat always finds a new place to sleep. The old sofa while I was working.

How does it go? If you fail, try, try again.
Last night I started the other part of the couch. I had bought this coordinating "duck" fabric.
Let me tell you. I hated it. I gave it a try. Cut, sewed, piped, sewed and I was so disappointed.
I didn't like the color or texture.

Ugly Duckling fabric

Now what??? Before I jumped into my car back to the fabric store yet again I remembered I did have a small stash of fabric. 12 year old stash. Low and behold, there was this super soft Waverly fabric in a sunny shade of yellow. Ever so subtle stripes.

I had some serious piecing action going on, but in the end, it is so cherry and a nice compliment to the stripes. I tried my hand at piping again and learned how to stitch real close with my zipper foot. I also made a teeny tiny ruffle at the top. I had a seam and thought how cute would it be to make a ruffle in the curtain fabric. I had just enough.

All in all, this part of the couch is not perfect and my type A personality is knocking, but I kept telling myself....it's for the camper and you can always make another one...LATER, much LATER.

I can't wait for daylight so I can put these two babies in the camper!


  1. I am passing on the Beautiful Blogger Award to you! Come by to get the button. I can't wait to see the finished camper. You are so motivated!

  2. My cat is always in the middle of my projects too. :)

    I'm impressed with your persistence even though your first fabric choice wasn't your favorite. I'd have probably had to console myself with ice cream and then procrastinated getting back to it for a month.