Camper Sofa Part 1

Two evenings worth of minor head shaking, lots of ah hah moments and I finished the bottom section of the flip out bed for the camper. Priceless.

Here she is all brand new and lovely.

Here's the absolutely lovely original fabric. Throw back to 1986 anyone?

I used the stripe fabric on the bottom because 1) it's what I had from making the curtains and 2) I think it looks kinda Pottery Barn day bed like. Who knew that matching up stripes was an extra step though. I don't recommend this for first timers like me. They can get a little wavy gravy. But hey, I learned so much.

I even made my own piping.

I had no idea what I was doing but had images of all my blogger friends out there giving it a go. I studied an old pillow and figured out how to place it against my fabric.

My greatest joy came when I figured out out to thread a bobbin, change a needle for thick upholstery and thread and use my zipper foot (for the piping). Who says sewing is hard?

The original sofa had these indentations. I tried to just make a cover in one piece, but it looked bumpy. Cutting the fabric into 3 sections and using the piping actually made it look more finished.

I wanted something that could easily come off, so I ended up creating a fitted cover, like a fitted sheet. I made strips and ties with Velcro to pull the cover taught and keep it secure.

I would totally do this again. Some things I learned. Go solid for your first cover. Make exact measurements, including seam allowance. My middle piece could be a tad bit smaller so that its super duper tight, but hey it's my first shot.

Greatest highlight is to jump in and try it. I was amazed at what my brain knew to do.

Next step: you got it, the top section of the flip out bed.


  1. Wow looks like you are really figureing it all out. Looks great! and I like the idea of the velcro for securing the whole thing in place.
    I have a couple of camper projects coming up for clients I'll have to keep that in mind.

  2. THank you for coming by! And good for you for trying sewing. I'm not great at it either, but I've done a few things with my yardsale sewing machine.

  3. I am loving your camper project. This is totally how I learned to sew - just figuring it out as you go (even though my poor mother tried to persuade me into sewing when I was younger and I thought I was too cool then!) Way to go!

  4. Awesome job. The new Fabric is so bright and cheery. Perfect!!

    Come stop by my blog to pick up your Award! ;)

  5. this is awesome! you did a great job! i'm so inspired by your camper slipcovers!

  6. I love looking at your camper project, the couch cover is great.