Camper Inspiration

I hope you all had a blessed Easter weekend. It was just perfect here on the East Coast. We spent the entire weekend outdoors. I am hoping to jump back into my two ongoing projects- the basement and the camper.

I've been scouring websites looking for camper reno ideas and believe it or not...I'm not finding a whole lot. What am I the only one that thinks camper interiors could use a nudge into 2010?

Check out this amazing transformation though. So classic. I could just see myself hanging out here.

Source: A Vintage Mobile Sportsman Trailer

Here's another great update with paint, curtains and elbow grease.


  1. Even I might be able to go camping if I owned this!

  2. I would love for us to buy a camper. Good luck with the updates.

  3. I think you should start a camper reno revolution! They are spaces you can make pretty, too...they need the same love :)

  4. There's a group called Sisters on the Fly that have QUITE the reno'd camp trailers. I love browsing their gallery:

    I was also impressed by this bus to motorhome transformation:

    Also (you can tell I have a "thing" for this stuff), I like this one at The Beehive Cottage:

    Hope that gives you some fun reading!

  5. OK sister, we are in fact twins. This post confirmed it for me. I was pretty sure reading the other posts, and now have no doubt. We have a camper and really, who designs these things? My theory is, they make the interior so ugly, you can only look at it for so long before you have to upgrade. Keeps them in business. I want to do something like this so bad. I did make some curtains for the bedroom, but that's about it. The fabric they use is durable, but I have nothing else good to say about it. I pulled the wallpaper boarder off and that was a huge help. I'd love to paint the cabinets, but for re-sale purposes, I figure I better not go there. You are so right about no makeovers online. I've searched too. I found one not too long ago that was painted all white. Very shabby chic and looked great, but I could never get away with that. You have done a fabulous job!