Basement Update - Trim and More Trim

Why is it that projects take longer than you think?
I am always thinking, I can do that in a weekend, but reality proves that these home project DO TAKE TIME.

I spent all day yesterday finishing up the beadboard and trim. After dinner, I dashed to Lowe's for paint and even more trim. I wanted to beef up the chair rail.

After taking time to relax this morning, I finished up the chair rail this afternoon and caulked, caulked and well, caulked some more.

I always end up using a whole role of paper towels when I caulk. I find that wetting them and using my finger to smooth out the caulk always leave a perfect line...too bad I waste so many paper towels.

A sweep, a vacuum and a big sigh of relief. Then I saw this. Sigh.

I didn't like the beadboard on this wall. 3/4 way up made the wall heater look like it was silly. So lots of spackle went on this wall tonight. I suspect its going to take a couple of thin coats.

I don't really like the heater there at all, but that's where it has to go. Making do for now.

While the spackle was drying, I decided to paint just two walls. I was scared when it first rolled on, it looked way tooooooo green. The first coat dried and it looks like a good mix of blue/green and grey. I called it a night and decided to wait and see.

I am now eating a yummy bowl of vanilla bean ice cream...because I deserve it. :)


  1. You're really making progress! I love the bead board and from the picture, I really love the paint color. I hope it grows on you because I know the disappointment of finding the right color only to discover it's not the right color. Ahh, paint!

  2. That is such a pretty color! I love it!

    We go to Musikfest every year. My daughter just had a survey at school and she said it was her favorite place to go. I did a post about it last year, so many beautiful homes to see in that area!

  3. Yes, ice cream is mandatory after working on a project all night. I love what you've done so far!

  4. Love it!! Did you put up the chair rail yourself?? I am getting ready to do a few projects with a chair rail...wondering how easy it is to put up. Any tips?

  5. A nail gun and compressor really are my BFFs. A lot of trial and error over the years, but yes, I love to install my own trim. My biggest mistake time and time again is rushing and not measuring twice. I am always make second cuts. Invest in a good tape measure and ask for patience :)