Back to the Basement

Dirty. Nasty. Carpet.
This was on the stairs.
I made the quick decision to rip it up.
EWE, it was gross.

I steam clean and vacuum often, but it was still gross. I think the steam cleaner leaves this dusty film in the carpet. I noticed that my new vacuum sucks of this weird white dust. Well, when I ripped up the stairs carpet, it's there, right on top of the padding and the carpet is worn underneath. Carpets are just gross. If I had a million bucks I'd remove it from my house entirely.

Anyway, I know you've seen all the great ideas in blog land about painted stairs...I think that's what I am going to do.
Big do'ins this weekend!

I started to trim out the beadboard and the room is beginning to take shape. My new little air compressor is my new BFF. Tiny, lightweight and oh so fun. Much better than hooking up to the man size compressor in the garage.

I've got big decisions to make...paint choice, flooring choice and storage choice(s).

Have a fabulous weekend.

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  1. How hard was it to get the carpet off the steps?? I want to take teh carpet off my steps too... just too chicken to start doing it....