Eye Candy- Craft Room

I really wish I can track back to where I found this picture...but for the life of me I can't locate the source.

She sure is pretty and I am using it for my basement inspiration. While my washer and dryer are not part of the plan at the moment, wouldn't it be nice if these shiny babies were?

I'm on the hunt for that scrumptious rug...or something close to it.


Wall Heater - Ugly Yellow Hose

So I was sicky, sick for the last few days...down and out with a stomach bug. Tonight I shuffled downstairs to stare at my weekend work ahead. I took about a half hour to sand down some of my spackle and instantly got tired and defeated. I told myself to give up and call it a day.

My mind is racing trying to figure out what I should do with this darn heater wall.

This was me tonight.

Shuffle. Shuffle. Sigh.
Hubs: Yes?
Me: What are the chances of taking down this wall heater?
Hubs: I thought you said you were going to work with it?
Me: (With the look of DID I SAY THAT on my face) Uh yeah. But.
Hubs: What is it that you don't like about it?
Me: The ugly yellow hose.
Hubs rolled eyes and pointed at his heater on his side of man cave.
Yes, he has ugly yellow hose too.
Snicker, Giggle, Smile.

So here is my dilemma. Should I camouflage or just call it a day?
Sand. Spackle. Sand. Spackle. And Again.
Then just paint the wall?
Who really cares about the ugly hose?
Or should I do SOMETHING? ANYTHING? to make it pretty?

Arms in the air...why do I care so much about the ugly yellow hose?
I have other fish to fry in this basement redo.


Basement Update - Trim and More Trim

Why is it that projects take longer than you think?
I am always thinking, I can do that in a weekend, but reality proves that these home project DO TAKE TIME.

I spent all day yesterday finishing up the beadboard and trim. After dinner, I dashed to Lowe's for paint and even more trim. I wanted to beef up the chair rail.

After taking time to relax this morning, I finished up the chair rail this afternoon and caulked, caulked and well, caulked some more.

I always end up using a whole role of paper towels when I caulk. I find that wetting them and using my finger to smooth out the caulk always leave a perfect line...too bad I waste so many paper towels.

A sweep, a vacuum and a big sigh of relief. Then I saw this. Sigh.

I didn't like the beadboard on this wall. 3/4 way up made the wall heater look like it was silly. So lots of spackle went on this wall tonight. I suspect its going to take a couple of thin coats.

I don't really like the heater there at all, but that's where it has to go. Making do for now.

While the spackle was drying, I decided to paint just two walls. I was scared when it first rolled on, it looked way tooooooo green. The first coat dried and it looks like a good mix of blue/green and grey. I called it a night and decided to wait and see.

I am now eating a yummy bowl of vanilla bean ice cream...because I deserve it. :)


My 6th Photo Game

Sixty-Fifth Avenue tagged me to participate in the “6th photo published on your blog game.” The object is to use a photo from when you first started blogging. I love silly, fun, interesting games, so here it goes.

I can hardly believe it will be almost a year since we started our pool house transformation. I have to get back out there an so you some new views from the joint.

For all my readers and followers, play along. I'm interested in going back down memory lane with you.


Back to the Basement

Dirty. Nasty. Carpet.
This was on the stairs.
I made the quick decision to rip it up.
EWE, it was gross.

I steam clean and vacuum often, but it was still gross. I think the steam cleaner leaves this dusty film in the carpet. I noticed that my new vacuum sucks of this weird white dust. Well, when I ripped up the stairs carpet, it's there, right on top of the padding and the carpet is worn underneath. Carpets are just gross. If I had a million bucks I'd remove it from my house entirely.

Anyway, I know you've seen all the great ideas in blog land about painted stairs...I think that's what I am going to do.
Big do'ins this weekend!

I started to trim out the beadboard and the room is beginning to take shape. My new little air compressor is my new BFF. Tiny, lightweight and oh so fun. Much better than hooking up to the man size compressor in the garage.

I've got big decisions to make...paint choice, flooring choice and storage choice(s).

Have a fabulous weekend.


Bloggy Friends

I've received such nice comments and got to check out new sites this past week. It continues to amaze me all the talent out there! We all just are trying to get some things done and want to figure out ways to do it ourselves. It's a great feeling...learning and sharing such great ideas and information.

If you haven't been over to Stephanie's place, be sure to pop over there. Her site is filled with all sorts of good things and she just shared a wonderful linky party. Good Good Stuff.


Camper Sofa Finished !!!

I jumped up bright and early to put these babies back into the camper.
I am giddy with delight.

After a little bit of nuts and bolts wrestling, here they are.
New. Fresh. Lovely.

Love, Love, Love it.

Another tip.
Next time I would wrap the cushions with batting to smooth out the crevices. (click to see)
The old covers had a lot of stitching underneath,
this is why mine are not picture perfect smooth.
Besides that, I would do this again in a second.
It was a great learning experience.


Camper Sofa Part 2

Sneak Peak at Other Part of Sofa

My cat always finds a new place to sleep. The old sofa while I was working.

How does it go? If you fail, try, try again.
Last night I started the other part of the couch. I had bought this coordinating "duck" fabric.
Let me tell you. I hated it. I gave it a try. Cut, sewed, piped, sewed and I was so disappointed.
I didn't like the color or texture.

Ugly Duckling fabric

Now what??? Before I jumped into my car back to the fabric store yet again I remembered I did have a small stash of fabric. 12 year old stash. Low and behold, there was this super soft Waverly fabric in a sunny shade of yellow. Ever so subtle stripes.

I had some serious piecing action going on, but in the end, it is so cherry and a nice compliment to the stripes. I tried my hand at piping again and learned how to stitch real close with my zipper foot. I also made a teeny tiny ruffle at the top. I had a seam and thought how cute would it be to make a ruffle in the curtain fabric. I had just enough.

All in all, this part of the couch is not perfect and my type A personality is knocking, but I kept telling myself....it's for the camper and you can always make another one...LATER, much LATER.

I can't wait for daylight so I can put these two babies in the camper!


Camper Sofa Part 1

Two evenings worth of minor head shaking, lots of ah hah moments and I finished the bottom section of the flip out bed for the camper. Priceless.

Here she is all brand new and lovely.

Here's the absolutely lovely original fabric. Throw back to 1986 anyone?

I used the stripe fabric on the bottom because 1) it's what I had from making the curtains and 2) I think it looks kinda Pottery Barn day bed like. Who knew that matching up stripes was an extra step though. I don't recommend this for first timers like me. They can get a little wavy gravy. But hey, I learned so much.

I even made my own piping.

I had no idea what I was doing but had images of all my blogger friends out there giving it a go. I studied an old pillow and figured out how to place it against my fabric.

My greatest joy came when I figured out out to thread a bobbin, change a needle for thick upholstery and thread and use my zipper foot (for the piping). Who says sewing is hard?

The original sofa had these indentations. I tried to just make a cover in one piece, but it looked bumpy. Cutting the fabric into 3 sections and using the piping actually made it look more finished.

I wanted something that could easily come off, so I ended up creating a fitted cover, like a fitted sheet. I made strips and ties with Velcro to pull the cover taught and keep it secure.

I would totally do this again. Some things I learned. Go solid for your first cover. Make exact measurements, including seam allowance. My middle piece could be a tad bit smaller so that its super duper tight, but hey it's my first shot.

Greatest highlight is to jump in and try it. I was amazed at what my brain knew to do.

Next step: you got it, the top section of the flip out bed.


Camper Redo-Curtains

Totally in love...yes, I am with my new curtains in the camper.


Sew simple.

I took measurements of each window and added 2" to each side (incl. bottom and top.)

I wanted a substantial hem to give the small valences some weight.
My favorite new hem tape worked wonders.

I attached these valences right to the mini blinds using stick on Velcro tabs.
Sew easy.

I really like how the colors compliment the oak cabinets. I'm so glad I went with warm tones rather than just cool blue and white.

Up next...the monster of the sofa bed. I pulled it off it's hinges last night. Dashed back to the fabric store tonight and cut out my fabric pieces to slip the baby up. Wish me well.


Stitchery Witchery

Sara you made me laugh out loud about "camper revolution." I am now on a mission.

Mission One- window treatments for camper

I sweet talked Hubs into stopping at the fabric store while we were doing our weekend Lowe's/Home Depot run. He did divert the car and low and behold we ended up at the fabric store. I dashed out of the car, quick as a bunny and yelled over my shoulder- "You aren't coming in, are you?" He said he was going into Wal-mart and he'd call me when he was done. Oh great, that gives me about 5 minutes :)

I have not been in a fabric store in a really long time. I used to go with my mom when I was a kid all-the-time. I will tell you today when I stepped in, all those memories came back and IT WAS FUN.

Hubs called 20 minutes into my spree. My response was "I am still looking."
I went in thinking I was going to buy fabric with blue and tan tones. I came out with 3 different coordinating fabrics, all with red tones.

The young girl who cut my fabric helped me find this "heat seam tape something or other". It's called Stitch Witchery. I can officially say I AM IN LOVE WITH IT.

Here is a sneak peak at the window treatments I made tonight for the camper. You just measure your hem, fold and iron in the tape. Zip. One. Two. Three.


Camper Inspiration

I hope you all had a blessed Easter weekend. It was just perfect here on the East Coast. We spent the entire weekend outdoors. I am hoping to jump back into my two ongoing projects- the basement and the camper.

I've been scouring websites looking for camper reno ideas and believe it or not...I'm not finding a whole lot. What am I the only one that thinks camper interiors could use a nudge into 2010?

Check out this amazing transformation though. So classic. I could just see myself hanging out here.

Source: A Vintage Mobile Sportsman Trailer

Here's another great update with paint, curtains and elbow grease.


Do you camp?

Do you camp?
I do.

Let me tell you, I've move up in the camping world though. Hubs took me camping when we first go married- in a tent, with sleeping bags. I went out and bought an air mattress. I hated the whole porta potty situation.

Needless to say, I negotiated my wants and needs and we bought a slide in truck camper back in 2000. It is wonderful. We take it to the beach. We park in a normal parking spot and have our own personal space within walking steps to the warm sand. We've taken it on numerous trips to music festivals and weekend getaways. Our own little world on our backs (on our truck that is).

This little gem is NOT mine, but a close match. Source is from: http://www.coachmanrvdealer.com/truck_camper.htm

Last weekend I decided the old girl needed a makeover. You see, the interior, it's rather hideous. These fabric choices that some one makes for campers are really not all that appealing. So while I've lived with it all this time, I decided I want the camper to be more like home.

I spent two days taking down valences, curtains and all the fru-fru stuff that was in there. It's a clean slate now. Next is determining what curtains are needed and how I should slipcover the flip out sofa.

I'm sure this is going to be a work in progress. I'm a little scared that I jumped in, but what can be worse than what was there?