Secret Flooring

In an effort to kick start my basement project into full gear, I had to start thinking about what I was going to do with the floor. I had removed cabinets and used them in the pool house. This left missing patches in the laminate floor. Ok- so go by some more. Not so easy!

I actually have been on the hunt for this flooring for about 6 months. It's made by DuPont and is sold through Home Depot. Low and behold they are discontinuing it. Figures.
This is what happened about 6 months ago.

I went to Home Depot..."Oh yeah, Antique Oak. Sold out. But it's going online soon. Check there."

I checked online for about 3 weeks. Nothing.
I called DuPont. "Oh yeah, keep checking. All the stock from the stores will go online."

When I tell you I checked every day, I did (well almost).

Finally after my basement organization weekend, I got fed up. I had to find this floor.

I called DuPont again. "Yeah, its discontinued. Not enough stock to go online. But I do have a listing of Home Depots that still have it in the store." Perfect. I took down 15 of them in my local area. I started calling. No luck. I called a Home Depot in the next state (where a co-worker lives.) Jackpot. They had 3 boxes. Text Text to my co-worker. Please go run right now to Depot and grab those boxes. Text Text back...No such luck. Computer must be wrong and its no longer on the shelves. SIGH!

I was now on a mission and broadened my search. I called 6 more Home Depots this morning and a nice gentleman said "let me check other stores for you." Jackpot. Found a store that had 30 boxes! Holy Cow- 30. I really only need like 4.

Ring Ring. Flooring please. I spoke with the nicest man named Adam who confirmed yes there were 30 boxes and he was looking right at them. Perfect. I will detour on my way home from work. DO NOT SELL THEM.

Here is the super jackpot and the secret. They are on sale. $15 a box. That is something crazy like 63 cents a square foot. Almost 70% off original price. I will tell you the flooring is awesome.

So go RUN (but call first) to your nearest (or farthest) Home Depot to see if they have some for you.

DuPont Classic- Antique Oak
Wide Plank
Sku 101-040


  1. I thought I was the only one with tunnel vision. :) I can not wait to see it! Congrats on getting the floors...admit it...you love the chase but you are even more thrilled that it is over. :)


  2. Totally got that one right. You should have seen the smile on my face. Poor Adam didn't know what hit him when I showed up all giddy.

  3. I love it when a wild goose hunt end victorious! And you have some pretty nice co workers to go to HD for you!

  4. Good for you. You were a girl on a mission...I love it!