Do you want to see it?

This mold issue has been driving me crazy.

5pm offline I went from work and I jumped in the car for Home Depot. Bought more beadboard (don't you hate it when all the packages are open and you have to scour looking for half way decent product???) That's another story. I wheeled my cart to the cleaning isle and bought some heavy duty mold cleaner and killer.

Now mind you, this whole mess has put me in a really bad mood. I have to keep saying, hey, it could be worse. I could be one of those folks with my basement in 2 feet of water. It's a little mold. At least it's contained.

Here is the barrier. Installed correctly. Do you see the words? Install this side up. We can't figure it out. One would think that the plastic should be against the concrete and the felt against the laminate. Here is the kicker. The OTHER side of the basement, through the man cave door does have the barrier installed upside down. We didn't read the words. Common sense told us to put plastic face down. That is another mystery for another day. We'll be looking under that floor soon. Pray there is no mold. That area is way bigger and has way too much man cave stuff.

Here is the mold underneath the barrier. Icky black mold and a few yellow spots. This shot shows the worst of it.

Here is the floor with one pass of very HOT SOAPY water. Next up is to scrub it with the mold killer. Those white/brown spots are spackle and chipped floor spots. Just a few stubborn mold stains exist.


  1. So sorry you have to deal with this. No fun. Hope you get it all fixed.

  2. Wow, just using the soapy hot water seems to have done wonders! I've got my fingers crossed for you that you don't find any mold on the other side of the basement.

  3. So sorry about the mold, and it would be driving me crazy too. Jackie