Darn Basement

See this!
Look at me.
I discovered the most horrible surprise in my basement.
It's there.
Right under my laminate floor.
The DIYers of the household used the wrong underlayment.
There was NO VAPOR Barrier.
Bang head.
Edit: Found out that we DID use the proper underlayment. Sigh. That is worse. More investigation needed. I am dumbfounded because we had carpet before. That lasted almost 10 years and there WAS NO MOLD when we pulled it up.

The good news is...found it. More good news is that the floor comes apart fairly easy. Even more good news is that I have extra flooring when I made my mad rush to Home Depot early this month. The laminate is fine...the underlayment has to go. The concrete floor has to be cleaned of the mold.

First up is to get everything out of the room. Of course, everything is STILL in the room. In an effort to finish one project before the next, I painted my hutch.

(I started it Saturday before the mold monster revealed itself on Sunday.)

One coat of primer, one coat of white and she is starting to look better. I used my "blue sample" can to paint the back. Another coat needed to see if I like it. It looks very green blue, but I am waiting for it to dry.

So while my weekend "do it all at once" plans did not come to fruition, I keep telling myself to look on the bright side. Now I am really starting from scratch and can make the changes I really want to make now. Unfortunately, more time, more money to be spent. Oh well, how did your weekend go?


  1. Eeek. Mold!

    Glad you found it before it could spread/get out of control!

    The shelf looks nice and cheery. The blue-ish color reminds me of my Guest Bath lol.

  2. Noooo! That's awful! I'm so glad you caught it though.

    I like your positive thinking, also! This just gives you a bigger and better 'before and after,' more creative license, and I'm sure it'll be way better than you ever imagined.

    Love that white and blue too! I vote for you to keep it. :)

  3. MOLD? How did you guys find it? SO glad you found it and can now get rid of it!!! The weekend here has ended with a call to a plumber. When it rains..it pours...I am right there with you my dear.


  4. Oh the joys of home ownership. We had mold in our window frames..discovered just a year after we built the house. Let's just say I was not a happy camper. Better to see it and get rid of it than to live in an unknown hazard. Hutch is looking great!
    Lisa :-)