Damper Days

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It's been raining for days here. This is not my house, but this is a frequent view when driving around. There is damage everywhere.

Needless to say, I'm in a decorating rut. I didn't accomplish any of of my "to-dos" like I wanted to.

I want to tackle the basement floor and install the rest of the bead board. (Need motivation to haul out the tools.)

I want to paint and caulk some of the exterior of my pool house. (Need warm dry weather).

I now need to paint my bedroom ceiling. Mega storm ripped shingles right off the roof. Water leaked into my attic and onto my bedroom ceiling. (Sigh.)
I did buy two samples of paint at Lowe's today. I'm thinking of painting the ceiling a greyish blue.

I want to redo this cabinet. The one that I spent way to much time painting black. I just don't like it. It shows too much dust and the finish, well, I'm not all that happy with it.

I am thinking of painting it white. Installing a bead board back and painting that a shade of blue. I am all about CLEAN AND FRESH lately.

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On a fabulous note, I have been eating a lot healthier. Starting to feel mucho better. I am baking some treats, but I slash the SUGAR in half and Hubs is none the wiser. Feels good to know what's in my cookies rather than some ingredients that I can not pronounce.


  1. Hopefully when the sun comes out and stays out, we will all be more motivated.

  2. That piece would be gorgeous blue!

  3. I hear ya on the clean and fresh thing! I think it has to do with the fact that winter is finally at it's end.

    I do also love black furniture... I am torn on the black and white. Love them both. I think that the new idea of it being white with the bead board on the back will look really nice!

    Can't wait to see pics!

  4. Whew! I was worried when I first saw that picture my dear! My motivation is COMPLETELY lacking but in the school realm. I am promising myself your blog is it (for a while). Love the new fresh palette....it is so crisp and perfect for Spring days ahead. **Kudos for saying goodbye to the sugar too. I say this as I am about to go off and chug some sweet tea. :) After pharmacy school..I will cut the sugar...now it is the only indulgence I have left (after blogging).


  5. I am feeling the need for clean and fresh too, and hope to get started soon. I love the color blue that you are thinking about. I too need to get into much healthier eating. Jackie