Cabinet Door Do Over Revealed

Using what I have---that was my motto.
Leftover primer- check
Unused wall hooks from guest bedroom- check
Sample paint- check

A little primer, two coats of paint with sanding in between. Ending with every so slight distressed edges= a like new place to hang things.

I like it so much I haven't decided what room to hang it up in yet. I've been walking around the house with it looking for the perfect spot. (But little thoughts in the back of my mind are urging me to test a home for it in the pool house). Hmmm...nice place to hang towels. I'll share when I decide.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! And yes...I am agreeing with you and the vision in the bathroom. What lovely color did you use? It looks absolutely perfect.


  2. So smart! It seems to be the perfect size and made out of such an unexpected item. And I'd love to see more of your pool house!

    What a beautiful idea! I'm TOTALLY into the hooks! They are just the right touch!
    And... you have a POOL HOUSE!
    ugh... I don't know if I hate you, or if I want you to be my BEST FRIEND! :)
    You have a BEAUTIFUL home. And I LOVE your bar stools! I just got some that look the same!
    They are my new favorite, purchased item!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the sweet comments.
    Shelley Smith

  4. Great idea! Don't you just love using what you have???

  5. Great idea. I also love your chair that is peeking up in the backgroung. Very pretty

  6. I was waiting for this! Great idea! Fantastic job! ~lulu

  7. That turned out really cute. I love the paint color too!

  8. That's a great idea! Love the double hooks, too!