Cabinet Door Do Over Revealed

Using what I have---that was my motto.
Leftover primer- check
Unused wall hooks from guest bedroom- check
Sample paint- check

A little primer, two coats of paint with sanding in between. Ending with every so slight distressed edges= a like new place to hang things.

I like it so much I haven't decided what room to hang it up in yet. I've been walking around the house with it looking for the perfect spot. (But little thoughts in the back of my mind are urging me to test a home for it in the pool house). Hmmm...nice place to hang towels. I'll share when I decide.

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Do you want to see it?

This mold issue has been driving me crazy.

5pm offline I went from work and I jumped in the car for Home Depot. Bought more beadboard (don't you hate it when all the packages are open and you have to scour looking for half way decent product???) That's another story. I wheeled my cart to the cleaning isle and bought some heavy duty mold cleaner and killer.

Now mind you, this whole mess has put me in a really bad mood. I have to keep saying, hey, it could be worse. I could be one of those folks with my basement in 2 feet of water. It's a little mold. At least it's contained.

Here is the barrier. Installed correctly. Do you see the words? Install this side up. We can't figure it out. One would think that the plastic should be against the concrete and the felt against the laminate. Here is the kicker. The OTHER side of the basement, through the man cave door does have the barrier installed upside down. We didn't read the words. Common sense told us to put plastic face down. That is another mystery for another day. We'll be looking under that floor soon. Pray there is no mold. That area is way bigger and has way too much man cave stuff.

Here is the mold underneath the barrier. Icky black mold and a few yellow spots. This shot shows the worst of it.

Here is the floor with one pass of very HOT SOAPY water. Next up is to scrub it with the mold killer. Those white/brown spots are spackle and chipped floor spots. Just a few stubborn mold stains exist.

Mold Madness

Update to my saga. There is red, white and black mold on the laminate padding. When I called the manufacturer they said I have to go back to my retailer. Sigh.
I am now debating if I should just paint the floor and throw an area rug down. I am scared if I use another laminate underlayment, I'll still have the same problem.

I'll do some more poking around tonight and share some pics.
Martha didn't use laminate...


Darn Basement

See this!
Look at me.
I discovered the most horrible surprise in my basement.
It's there.
Right under my laminate floor.
The DIYers of the household used the wrong underlayment.
There was NO VAPOR Barrier.
Bang head.
Edit: Found out that we DID use the proper underlayment. Sigh. That is worse. More investigation needed. I am dumbfounded because we had carpet before. That lasted almost 10 years and there WAS NO MOLD when we pulled it up.

The good news is...found it. More good news is that the floor comes apart fairly easy. Even more good news is that I have extra flooring when I made my mad rush to Home Depot early this month. The laminate is fine...the underlayment has to go. The concrete floor has to be cleaned of the mold.

First up is to get everything out of the room. Of course, everything is STILL in the room. In an effort to finish one project before the next, I painted my hutch.

(I started it Saturday before the mold monster revealed itself on Sunday.)

One coat of primer, one coat of white and she is starting to look better. I used my "blue sample" can to paint the back. Another coat needed to see if I like it. It looks very green blue, but I am waiting for it to dry.

So while my weekend "do it all at once" plans did not come to fruition, I keep telling myself to look on the bright side. Now I am really starting from scratch and can make the changes I really want to make now. Unfortunately, more time, more money to be spent. Oh well, how did your weekend go?


Back to the Basement

source: marthastewart.com

All the warm weather has kept me outside tending to the yard.
However, I've been keeping my mind on the basement.
I'm hoping to tackle the finishing this weekend.

To do:
install floor
install bead board
fix and install trim
cover sump pit
use two base cabinets and make movable work surface
paint hutch and make pretty for overflow pantry/linen storage

That's my list and I'm going to try to stick to it.
Eye candy shown that has been getting me inspired.
Absolutely love the organization.

source: marthastewart.com


Cabinet Door Do Over

I came across this cabinet door in the garage this weekend.
It was one of those that I ordered for my old kitchen cabinets that I never used.

I have a couple of ideas of how to use it.
We'll see what I end up deciding.
Sometimes I just roll with it and figure it out as I go.
Right now she's primed and ready for paint.
What do you think her new life will be?


Damper Days

source: www.app.com

It's been raining for days here. This is not my house, but this is a frequent view when driving around. There is damage everywhere.

Needless to say, I'm in a decorating rut. I didn't accomplish any of of my "to-dos" like I wanted to.

I want to tackle the basement floor and install the rest of the bead board. (Need motivation to haul out the tools.)

I want to paint and caulk some of the exterior of my pool house. (Need warm dry weather).

I now need to paint my bedroom ceiling. Mega storm ripped shingles right off the roof. Water leaked into my attic and onto my bedroom ceiling. (Sigh.)
I did buy two samples of paint at Lowe's today. I'm thinking of painting the ceiling a greyish blue.

I want to redo this cabinet. The one that I spent way to much time painting black. I just don't like it. It shows too much dust and the finish, well, I'm not all that happy with it.

I am thinking of painting it white. Installing a bead board back and painting that a shade of blue. I am all about CLEAN AND FRESH lately.

Source: www.MainCottage.com

On a fabulous note, I have been eating a lot healthier. Starting to feel mucho better. I am baking some treats, but I slash the SUGAR in half and Hubs is none the wiser. Feels good to know what's in my cookies rather than some ingredients that I can not pronounce.


Secret Flooring

In an effort to kick start my basement project into full gear, I had to start thinking about what I was going to do with the floor. I had removed cabinets and used them in the pool house. This left missing patches in the laminate floor. Ok- so go by some more. Not so easy!

I actually have been on the hunt for this flooring for about 6 months. It's made by DuPont and is sold through Home Depot. Low and behold they are discontinuing it. Figures.
This is what happened about 6 months ago.

I went to Home Depot..."Oh yeah, Antique Oak. Sold out. But it's going online soon. Check there."

I checked online for about 3 weeks. Nothing.
I called DuPont. "Oh yeah, keep checking. All the stock from the stores will go online."

When I tell you I checked every day, I did (well almost).

Finally after my basement organization weekend, I got fed up. I had to find this floor.

I called DuPont again. "Yeah, its discontinued. Not enough stock to go online. But I do have a listing of Home Depots that still have it in the store." Perfect. I took down 15 of them in my local area. I started calling. No luck. I called a Home Depot in the next state (where a co-worker lives.) Jackpot. They had 3 boxes. Text Text to my co-worker. Please go run right now to Depot and grab those boxes. Text Text back...No such luck. Computer must be wrong and its no longer on the shelves. SIGH!

I was now on a mission and broadened my search. I called 6 more Home Depots this morning and a nice gentleman said "let me check other stores for you." Jackpot. Found a store that had 30 boxes! Holy Cow- 30. I really only need like 4.

Ring Ring. Flooring please. I spoke with the nicest man named Adam who confirmed yes there were 30 boxes and he was looking right at them. Perfect. I will detour on my way home from work. DO NOT SELL THEM.

Here is the super jackpot and the secret. They are on sale. $15 a box. That is something crazy like 63 cents a square foot. Almost 70% off original price. I will tell you the flooring is awesome.

So go RUN (but call first) to your nearest (or farthest) Home Depot to see if they have some for you.

DuPont Classic- Antique Oak
Wide Plank
Sku 101-040


Gold Rush- Update

Here's an update on my Cash for Gold experience. I decided to deal with my local jeweler. I've had a good experience with them in the past. I had changed my wedding band and setting with them few years back. It's a family run business and I like the personal attention they give.

I am pleased to say that the gal examined every single little piece of gold I brought in. Even some pieces she was not sure of, she had the on site jeweler take a look and do further testing. They found items that were iffy, turned out to be gold, both 10k and 14k.

Bottom line is that I received $395 in cash for 7 pair gold hoops (quarter in size or smaller); 3 rings, 1 necklace, 5 assorted bracelets and a mess of broken charms, odd stud earnings and a pin back.

Not bad for stuff I never wore anymore. I came home with a baggy of costume jewelry too. At least now I know.