Putting things back

Did you ever watch Hoarders? I am very intrigued. The show gets me in the mood to purge and to do it quickly. My biggest challenge isn't so much the stuff as it is putting the stuff back. I admit, I have some junk to clear out, but I've been doing pretty good at abiding by the rule - "If it doesn't have a home, donate, sell or trash it."

How to you keep your house tidy?

I am doing better at making sure the kitchen is tidy before bed, but I struggle with stuff accumulating on the stairs, table and my office desk. How many times do I walk up the stairs empty handed??? Too many. I have found that the 10 minute rule has helped. In ten minutes, put as much stuff away as possible and then call it a day. I tend to get distracted and start cleaning out the fridge, linen closet, something. Focus. Focus.


  1. Thank you for coming by my little corner of the world! It is always delightful to meet new friends.

    I love your 10 minute rule! I basically do my best to CLEAN every other week and pick up ALL THE TIME. Being in school makes it a challenge but I adore closing my books, blowing out my Vanilla Cupcake candle, and heading to bed with a clean/tidy great room. Granted...if it is crunch time...then it can be another story, but I relish in a tiddy great room.


  2. LOL...Monday night is our "depressing" night of tv. We watch Intervention and Hoarders.

    First, we keep the house tidy by not having kids ;-) I've found that helps alot. We stay pretty clean during the week and then will spend some time on Sunday to do additional chores (mopping, dusting, etc.) My husband is a neat freak...so he helps alot!

  3. I am literally in tears when I see that Hoarders show! Some of it really turns my stomach but I do realize it is a mental illness.

  4. I love "Hoarders." It's definitely one of those trainwreck TV shows you can't look away from. And I agree with you, I definitely do my best cleaning and purging after watching a show like that.

    I need to start doing the 10-minute rule each day. I'm just really good at finding excuses about why I'm exempt that day.