Kitchen- Stainless and Tile

Glass Doors have "wavy" glass installed by local glass shop. Grandma thought Saran Wrap was on them :)
I love my Fiesta Dishware!

I was not planning of getting new appliances, but a comedy of errors happened during the remodel. Hubs was transporting our relatively new Maytag white gas range out to the garage. A trip and a crash= broken range. Was it usable? You bet. However, the glass door was cracked, handle broken, dent where the controls were, so I said I need a new one. It turned out to be what started the hunt for new appliances. I wanted to streamline the look since our kitchen is small while getting the best bang for my buck.

With the redesign of the kitchen, we opted for a micro, cook top and built-in oven all from GE Profile series. I purchased the micro and oven at Sears when they had No Interest, No Payments. I purchased the cook top from eBay. There was a scratch on it, thus reducing the cost by $600 dollars. That's a lot of cash to save. Every so often I use a black Sharpie Marker to cover the scratch.

I love not having that little crack between the stove and the counter top where greasy drips go. The cook top is sealed gas with a glass top. It is very easy to clean. I Windex it down after each use and once a week clean the grates with hot soapy water in the sink.

I admit that I spent way too much for the oven. It's a convection oven and it took me 2 years to even use that option. I am not much of a baker, but it does brown cookies faster than normal. I probably could have gotten away with a cheaper model. Even so, all the appliances match and I like that.

My subway tile I purchased locally. I was going to use the subway tile from Lowe's, but my contractor told me to check out local tile places to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I fell in love with these tiles. They are not your standard flat subway tiles. They have a bubble appearance and add a subtle difference to the kitchen. I spent a total of $150 for the tile and supplies. The receipt says they are called "Sadon White".

I recently bought a 3M Command hook in ORB and used it under my sink cabinet to hold my pot holders. I can't tell you how thrilled I am with this little hook. Best few bucks I spent. Go get yourself one.


  1. Thank you for stopping by! Oh, I just love your kitchen remodel, how pretty it is. ANd of course, I noticed that subway tile. You'll have to stop back by on Monday for my big subway tile reveal in the masterbath. I'm in love with it!

    Welcome to blogging, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

  2. What a beautiful kitchen. We especially love the subway tiles!

  3. LOVE the white subway tiles and the stainless appliances look great too. Thanks for the hook idea - might have to steal that one :)

  4. Everyone thing looks just great.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  5. I noticed the subway tile right away! It is perfect.

  6. THANK YOU! thank you...thank you. I have been contemplating the little glories of a 3M hook. I hate when our dish towels are everywhere an wreck the "look" of a clean kitchen. I am now sold!!! I love your little world here. Your kitchen is beautiful. Time to sneak more peeks into your home. :)


  7. OK, so your post is my dream. Our oven is from 1987 (and BOY does it look it) and has been acting up a lot lately. Sometimes the burners don't work, sometimes the oven doesn't work and I think we're going to go ahead and get a new oven and dishwasher. Thanks so much for the Ebay tip! Did you have to install it yourself? If so, I'd love a post with tips and tricks.

    And thanks even more for the subway tile tip! I've been wanting white subway tiles and wondering how much it would cost us. 150 is SO doable! Did you do that also? I've heard it's easy, but I kind of wonder if that's true or false.