No idea why I've been so focused on food and exercise lately. Anyway, I've heard a lot about this movie in the last week...just so happens there is a lot of chatter at work and with friends and family about this movie.

All I can say, watch it. If nothing else, it is interesting and gets your mind thinking.

It didn't make me want to stop eating beef, chicken or pork. It's not about that. It's about knowing where your food comes from and making educated decisions about what you eat.

I was floored that I had assumed a lot and really had no idea what made up a lot of the "stuff" I put in my mouth. I'll let you decide how to absorb all the info in the movie. For me, it kick started the concept of eating healthier.

Additionally food comment---

Fellow blogger at Clover Lane talks about reducing sugar intake. Give it a read.


  1. I haven't heard of this film, I will have to check it out. Such an important thing to know - where our food comes from - especially with children I would think! Have a great weekend ~ Tina x

  2. I havn't watched the movie yet, but I've read all of this over the years. Have you seen my other blog called "Did You Know". If you click on the puppy picture in my side bar, you can read about how the animals used for food are treated. It's a horrible life for them. You asked if I buy my fabric on line. Some of it. I also shop local stores in our area. Thanks for stopping by.