Exercise Tips

For those of you who are like me...trying to keep up with your exercise goals, I will say it hasn't been easy. However, I am starting to notice some serious toning action going on. The scale hasn't budged all that much. I've been fluctuating few pounds here and there. BUT the great news is that clothes are fitting much better and (the saggy toosh has seen some lift.) WHO HOO.

Tips that I have found to work

  • Stick to a time that works for you. I find I tend to exercise more and harder in the evening. I am not a morning person at all. I wake up HUNGRY. Who wants to jump around hungry?
  • Right now I am sticking with Gilad on FIT TV since I am seeing results. I throw in some running on my treadmill every few days. The strength training is really working. I recommend actually using the weights that you may have in the closet. Little reps here and there have done wonders.
  • Allow yourself to have your favorite food. On the weekends I allow myself to eat cookies, cake or chocolate that I crave. I have found over time a few bites is all it takes so I don't feel deprived. I've been sharing with HUBS that way I don't feel like I ATE THE WHOLE THING.
  • Keep telling yourself that you won't get in shape overnight. Give yourself short and long term goals. My short term goal was to get moving 3-5 times a week for at least 30 minutes. My stretch goal is to kick it up and improve my cardio. I want to be strong, lean and healthy by May.

Things I am trying to improve upon

  • Eating less sugar and bread. I am trying to knock down my carb intake. A big help has been watering down my juice to 1/2 juice, 1/2 water mix. Only using honey instead of white table sugar and trying to have more protein to offset carbs in meals. I am trying to eat more fruit as opposed to empty carb calories. It's a constant battle. Few years ago I was having problems with low blood sugar and I absolutely hate that feeling so food intake helped to compensate. I am trying to eat the right foods now that help sustain my blood sugar.
  • Putting health first. It is so easy to work, clean, blog first, but I am trying to make it a routine to exercise first and care for all the rest later.
  • Get more sleep. I am in a rut. I've been staying up 'til almost 1am some nights. I can't fall asleep earlier. I think I need to kick up my exercise to tire me out. I find on the weekends I nap for 2-3 hours. Can't be good to not get enough sleep.

While I admit I want to look good in a bathing suit, this exercise goal really is about getting and feeling healthy. I am by no means overweight, but know that feeling tired isn't a good thing. I have an rather unknown condition called Polycystic Kidney Disease and while right now I am considered healthy...I know that can change at any time. I want to do what I can now, TODAY, to help me TOMORROW.

Join me and get moving. I came across the "Jog before you Blog" button last night and thought now that is GENIUS.


  1. I love Gilad. Unfortunately, FIT Tv is not on my cable system.

  2. It is week 8 in our 12 week quarter at school...and in week 2, I promised myself I would start jazzercising. They even have free childcare for their 5:30 class (and since I am in class til 4ish...this would work). And yet...here I am NOT doing it. You have such a focus. Would you please share some with me? Please oh please? I stay up til 1 am too but mainly b/c I study AFTER Thurgood goes down..so 8:30 til 1 am works best.

    Glad I am not the only late owl...of course I have to wake up by 7..ugh. :)


  3. Dragging self to a class is hard. I stopped going to the gym a long long time ago. I will tell you I started a dance class this year and I am having the BEST time. Women of all ages just there to have fun and jump around a little. Explore something that makes you smile and you'll find yourself sticking to it.

  4. Hello new friend, and fellow new blogger!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I too am working on this whole exercise thing... and have been in such a rut lately! I even watch The Biggest Loser and may have eaten ice cream at the same time. Don't judge.. I'm just sayin'. :) Good luck, good luck. We can cheer eachother on!