Bedroom Accessorizing

We have a big blizzard here on the East Coast and it has motivated me to tackle little things around the house, including hanging some curtains in my spare room. I recently flipped spare bedrooms and now this small 10x10 room is named "Beaut's room." The cat has made it her home. She likes to take naps looking out the window. I kicked her out for a deep clean and started to spruce up the place. I hung my trusty Target curtains (aka twin flat sheets), laundered and made the bed and even accessorized the dresser top.

I'm "shopping the house" for items to hang on the walls. I want to keep it clean and crisp with just a few items. I'm liking the idea of grouping some dessert plates...we'll see.

This jewelry box was given to me by my bridesmaids. It plays my wedding song "Unforgettable." I decided to group like items together and while I was going to paint the mirror frame, I like how it picks the gold up from the jewelry box. I'm thinking its OK to mix and match fixture colors...the drapery hardware and lamps are brushed nickel.

The room is now comfy cozy, especially since the view is off 2 feet of snow.
Stay warm this weekend.

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  1. I bet the cat loves it even more now. I love those white curtains. I always mix metal finishes too. I read once that if the room is informal, it's perfectly fine to do that.