What's Your Trim Style?

A few years back I was on a mission to start transforming our home from builder blah to my own cottage like style. One of the most satisfying transformations was replacing all of the baseboards and door trim. Every single room was tackled, but I started in the upstairs first. This way my mistakes wouldn't be so apparent and I could learn as I went.

I loved prying off the old trim, hauling it to the garage and saying "Good Riddance". I took a look my inspiration photos and decided on the trim style that I was most drawn to. My favorite was in an issue from Cottage Living that I just tweaked to my liking. It happened to be a craftsman inspired style that was very easy to install.

All my installation was done before I was smart enough to buy a nail gun. A lot of sweat and tears. I highly recommend a nail gun!

My upstairs hollow core slab doors never closed correctly. It was very irritating. So while I popped all the trim off, I decided to replace the doors as well. I bought pre-hung pine solid core doors. Scared, very scared. How the heck was I going to install these. I panicked and called a handyman. He came over and quoted me $125 a door to install. WHAT! No way, I had 4 of them. Hubs said "You watch way too much HGTV, so now put it to use, give it a try." OKAYYYY. I spent over a week prepping, which is not my usually style, but I think I was too scared to jump right in.

The old door jamb came out and the new one went it. I shimmed, I hand nailed, I tested the door and IT CLOSED. One right after another with some minor tweaking, I couldn't believe it. I did end up having to shave the one door with my Dremel, but I learned a whole lot in the process on how to check for plumb and don't shim too much.

I sanded and stained each of the doors making sure they were smooth as silk. Wipe on poly became my new friend then. It's been about 6 years and I am still in love with my doors and trim. I even tackled the hall linen closet and installed solid pine sliders. Built my own door jambs, installed the tracks and hung the doors.
For a little money, a lot of elbow grease, you can transform your home too. What trim styles are you drawn to? Pick a room and try it.


  1. Love what you did! I did the exact same things in my builder blah house - ripped out the woodwork and installed solid core doors, too. Except I was a wimp and hired a carpenter to do it all. :)

  2. I need a nail gun!!!! On top of my other power tool wishes! Thanks for the comment on the cricut. I'm excited to get to know it! I'm working on a sign for my son's room and I used con-tact paper to do the letters. Exciting!

  3. Yes, a nail gun makes all the difference in the world! You did a great job on the trim.