Update: Would you paint this?

My family, friends and co-workers know that during the month of December I went crazy selling all sorts of stuff on Craigslist (yes, he's my very best friend). I will tell you that I did encounter some "interesting" people, but I did make a nice fistful of cash to use for Christmas shopping.

Everything came out of the attic and closets. I sold old vacuums, wire and laminate shelving, electronics, golf clubs and yes, the Lane Cedar Hope Chest. I had put it in my kitchen by the back door and tried it out for a week. While it was convenient to sit and put shoes on, it really just became a junk collector and used up way too much precious space. On Craigslist it went and 2 weeks later she sold to a woman who fell in love with it. I don't miss it one bit!

Lesson learned here is to not be afraid to let things go.

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