Sewing Room

I desperately want to sew great, beautiful things. In the past ten years, I've made a simple valance, a couple pillows and a baby blanket, but I so admire those that can really sew. Those that take the time to make special things for their home. My mom was really good at sewing. She made all my childhood costumes, a prom dress, altered my wedding gown, made endless curtains, pillows and runners for the home and could even make itty bitty baby clothes. I really wish I learned from her, but she passed away before I had the desire or the time to learn. So here I am, over 10 years later with all of her supplies. They've been sitting in the closet, occasionally coming out for a trial.

This new year I decided it's time to tackle and learn or move on. Some of you may remember the black hutch I painted (that gave me so much grief). It's been in my home office loaded with office type stuff. Something about it annoyed me and I didn't like how it looked or felt in the room.

In a whirlwind the other night, I took everything off. Now what? I moved it all into the closet and took every sewing item out and organized them. Now they have a new home on my black hutch. I think they look pretty where they now are and are inspiring me to dabble....maybe this weekend. My goal is to use the sewing supplies (and if not, give them to someone who will.)

I've been searching blogs for inspiration and The Domestic Diva gives some great "how to get started" tips and setting up your space. While I don't have nearly as much goods, it's been fun checking out how other folks store their stuff.

I'd love to hear from you and learn what your tips are.


  1. I am in the same boat. I have a sewing machine, a sewing room with hopes of sewing all kinds of things. I have only made a handful of very small things.

    Good luck!

  2. The sewing space looks so organized and neat! I am right there with you; lots of "hopes" and not enough gumption to really take a chance and do it! Thanks for the comment on the vinyl words and the insight on the transfer paper. I did use it but didn't think of doing a line first and the lining it up with another line on the wall! (You can kinda tell my letters got wonky....but I was just thrilled to get it up!) Have a great weekend!