M.A.C. attack

Mega M.A.C. attack tonight.
Don't ask me how much it all cost.
I've justified it in my head that it was OK to use the entire gift certificate totally on makeup.
I don't even wear that much makeup.
Heck, half the time I work from home and my face is totally naked.

But the most glamorous feeling is getting all made up,
feeling a little younger,
looking just a little bit different,
a little more happy.

So I splurged and forked over my gift card for pure luxury.
Hey, I tried.
I strolled the department store beforehand.
Tried on skinny jeans that made me feel like a stuffed sausage.
Tried on a ruffle front sweater that made me feel like a hot air ballon.
Tried on LUCKY shoes that were cool, but then I remembered I am not 20 anymore.

So M.A.C. makeup it was. I asked for concealer to cover the splotchies.
I then asked for lipstick to bring me to life...next thing, next thing
and out I walked with a big bag full of makeup.
I am happy.

Thank you to my generous team at work who gifted me a Macy's card for Christmas.

P.S. I am a loyal M.A.C. customer, but the last time I bought anything besides concealer was over 10 years ago. Tonight I made up for lost time :)


  1. There is nothing like the thrill of new products, whether they are makeup, moisturizer or perfume. It just feels so good to pamper yourself! So much moreso than buying Mayebelline at Walgreens! haha

    Good choices.

  2. There is never any justification needed for MAC !! I think 10 years of not purchasing MAC is 10 years too long! I am sure you will look lovely with all of your new goods!!