Coupon Clipping

Are you a coupon clipper? For 2010 I'm going to try harder to use coupons when food shopping. I grew up in a household of mega coupon clippers. My dad used to sit at the kitchen table clipping coupons (precisely along the dotted lines) and filed them into categories in an old kid sized Buster Brown shoe box. That old shoe box sat in the front of the shopping cart on every trip.

I had all good intentions of using coupons last night while food shopping. I made a list of what I needed, brought my coupons with me and was excited to save a few bucks. Here's the bad news, I don't know what happened, but at the checkout, I completely forgot about the coupons in my pocket! Dense. Brain fog. Who knows. I got home, emptied my pockets and GASP- I forgot the coupons!

In an effort to be more organized, I quickly put a single envelope in my purse with all store coupons, grocery, department $ off and the gift cards I received for Christmas. All in one place. I just have to remember to use them. :)


  1. I totally clip coupons. I also belong to thegrocerygame.com ... you pay $5 per store every 8 weeks (you pick from the stores available in your area). They have a database that matches the lowest store price in a 3-month cycle with your coupons. Each week you get a list that outlines the rock bottom deals and the free stuff so you can stock up. You buy the stuff you don't need (at the time) when it's super cheap and then you "shop" your stockpile when you DO need the item. It's really not as confusing as I'm probably making it sound. Anyway, the savings are incredible! The small membership fee is totally worth it.

  2. I had to laugh a little because I've done the same thing lots of times. I am a coupon clipper. It's a "beat the system" game for me. The other day I went to Target with coupons and saved $20/spent $60. It was all things I would have bought anyway.

    I fantasize about becoming one of those people who grocery shops for practically free. You know? It won't happen though...I might lose my coupons that day. :)

  3. I can relate, but I've gotten into the habit of keeping all my coupons in a recycled legal size envelope in my handbag, so I always have them with me when I go grocery shopping. I add coupons on Sunday (from the inserts in the Sunday newspaper) and delete expired coupons from the envelope so I'm not carrying a bulky envelope. Before I go to the store, I make a list of the things I need and review the coupons I have, putting a star (*) next to the items on my list for which I have a coupon I want to use.

    I'm definitely not a maniac about using coupons or only buying items for which I have coupons, nor do I buy quantities specified on a coupon that are beyond my budget, but I do try to use them when it will make a significant difference in price on items I buy periodically. I have to say, generic or store brands for many items really aren't significantly different from name brands, but are often far less costly, so I'm careful about which coupons I do use.

    I don't think I'll ever be one who gets out of the grocery store with 20 items and a total of $1.95 due to coupon use, but a few dollars here and there certainly ads up over the months. Why spend it when you can save it?