And the Kitchen Sink

When my husband and I were having the floors installed, the contractor suggested we remove the base cabinets and run the floor underneath in case we ever decided to reconfigure the kitchen. We really didn't want to do this extra work. I had already decided to paint the cabinet frames white and had ordered custome shaker style doors. My old cabinets were really ugly and had started to deteriorate even though they were less than 10 years old. They were builder grade oak, pickled oak, ya know PINK, and had white laminate doors. The laminate was peeling and were plain ugly.

The first blog I ever read was Kim's at Twice Remembered. I loved what she had done with her kitchen and even primed the cabinets and started to add trim to them. However, there is always Murphy's Law and once the base cabinets were removed, we found that the boxes were falling apart. My husband and I had to make the tough decision to either repair and salvage what we had or go all out and completely reconfigure the kitchen. It was a whirlwind because we were already in the thick of getting the floors installed. Now this was going to set us back weeks. (Little did I know, it would be months).

Old cabinets primed, beadboard added and trim installed.
I mapped out new cabinet configuration on the walls.
I gained twice as much cabinet space.

All the details aside, I shopped around, purchased new Kraftmaid cabinets, waited 4 months (yes, kitchen was like above photo for 4 months. I installed a sink on plywood, plugged in fridge and used micro for most of cooking. Hello takeout.) before they arrived and had them installed with my lovely farmhouse sink. I LOVE MY SINK. The cabinet designer almost talked me out of it saying that water splashes when you are washing the pots and pans. I DON'T CARE. It holds pots, pans, dishes, glasses---all messy from dinner. I wouldn't change a thing.

The sink, faucet and grid were all purchased off eBay. Here are the retailers I bought from.

Sink- Whitehaus Fireclay (501) with mounting kit from Home & Stone for $638
Stainless Grid in Sink from Blue Bath for $154
Delta Faucet in ORB (Model 156-RWBF) from eBay seller for $169

(I did just notice that prices have come down a smidgen from when I purchased in 2007- darn for me.)

A whopping $961 bucks, but wouldn't change a thing. More to follow on the rest of remodel. Ebay was my savior for saving bucks on appliances.


  1. That is one amazing sink! If it's something you love that much, it's totally worth it!!

    PS I can't believe that your kitchen was like that for 4 months... wow!

  2. I'm glad you weren't talked out of your sink, it is so pretty! Farm house sinks are my favorite.

    That's a great idea of mapping out your cabinets with tape--sounds like over all it was ultimately a good thing that your old cabinets got the boot.

  3. Love the sink and your new kitchen! Glad you stuck to you guns, that cabinet designer mustn't wash or rinse dishes or pots & pans, water always splashes, no matter what kind of sink you have.

  4. Gorgeous! love your blog! glad to have found you..off to browse ~lulu

  5. Your kitchen is gorgeous - totally worth the wait!

  6. I am drooling over your sink!

    Thanks for your kind words about my kitchen! You asked about the cabinets ... I wipe them down more now that they're off-white than I ever did! If I check them over once a day, the marks wipe clean. I also used Graham Ceramic paint, which provides a nice, wipeable surface.

    The light fixture over the sink: the shade was from an antique store (you can also find vintage schoolhouse light shades on eBay). I then bought the fixture (the metal part) from schoolhouseelectric.com. One of these days I'll show my dining area, which has an even larger schoolhouse light over the table. I got the shade for that on eBay and fixture from Schoolhouse Electric.

  7. Love your sink!! We would love to get one in our kitchen. Don't think it's in the cards yet.

  8. Farmhouse sinks are the best!! (I'm glad you ignored the cabinet designer!) And ebay is a great source. You did a great job!


  9. Beautiful!! Your sink is absolutely beautiful. I love the cabinets too. Can't wait to see more of the kitchen!

  10. It's so beautiful! LOVE LOVE LOVE that sink!