Would you paint this???

This hope chest ended up on the CL "make me some money" list, but tonight I got to thinking that this could make a nice entryway bench. I don't have a mudroom, foyer, hall or anything like that, but I moved this to the kitchen, under a window by the garage door. It fits and may be a great place to take on/off shoes and be great storage. Problem= hate the country stencil. So I am debating if I still keep this on CL or bust out some paint.

Inspiration: *from PB of course*


  1. Paint it. I have a Lane cedar chest similar to yours (no border around the heart) and have had it for years. I was going to give it to the Goodwill, then I remember all the overtime I worked to buy it. I've been thinking about painting and using it as a coffee table. I'll be following your project. Good luck.