Vacuuming my Christmas Present

Do you use a canister vac or an upright? I knew it was time to go on the hunt for a new vacuum when I saw all the dust bunnies my Oreck was missing. Sad thing is that I love my Oreck upright. It's light weight and had great power, but there was no wand or hose. I had to use my hand held Oreck Canister and frankly it sounds like an airplane right now. I received my Orecks as a wedding gift 12 years ago and they have not disappointed.

My husband asked what I wanted for Christmas this year. Hmmm. Vacuum. Yep, that is what I really want. I got a strange look for a split second, but got the a-ok-you got it response. Well, what about right now...I need it to clean in order to put out all the Christmas decorations. Smirk. Off to Lowes we went.

I thought I wanted a Dyson as many friends rave about them, but I ended up with an Electrolux Upright with hose and wand attachments. YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE THE DIRT, HAIR AND FUNK that was in that clear canister. Granted, I probably just didn't see it before since I had a bagged Oreck, but that aside, I love that I can vacuum the hardwood and carpet with the flick of the switch and then unclick the wand to get those crevices and ceiling bunnies. Cleaning has never been so much fun!

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