Master Bedroom Redo

I planned on getting all my Christmas decorations out and spending the weekend preparing
the house. Instead a conversation over dinner last night went like this.

Me: I am thinking of painting our bedroom.
Hubs: I like our bedroom.
Me: I think its so ready for a change.
Hubs: I like the "wispy peach" color.
(Yes, he said the 1998 color that I used).
Me: Time to get out of the 90's.
Hubs: OK

So off to Lowes we went. I color matched my favorite Ben. Moore color. I've used it in every room 'cept my bathroom (next project). Color is Pale Almond and it changes from pale brown to yellow tones to grey tones depending on the day. It looks great in all my rooms. I saw it in BHG magazine 4 years ago and decided to give it a try.

So for 8 hours today I prepped, primed and painted the bedroom. (Oh, and my new vacuum sucked up so much dirt it was amazing!)

I HAD TO PRIME...to cover the wispy peach. :)
The primer was left over from pool house remodel and was Ben. Moore tinted White Dove. I love White Dove. I use that as my trim color in EVERY SINGLE ROOM.
I then tried my new paint. I bought the new Olympic NO VOC paint in flat and I will tell you it went on beautifully and there was NO smell. I couldn't believe it. I am sold.

Here are some shots during the madness. I'll spend tomorrow touching up the trim and putting the room back together.

Excuse the messy room. I was tossing everything front and center to clear it out. Get a load of the hideous, so 1990's yellow walls.

Walls freshly primed and looking better already! I had to take down a piece of crown molding to repair (upper right), but decided to leave evidence of the "wispy peach" just for kicks.
More to follow!

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  1. Ooohhh.... love the new paint color! Can't wait to see more!