Master Bedroom Redo

I planned on getting all my Christmas decorations out and spending the weekend preparing
the house. Instead a conversation over dinner last night went like this.

Me: I am thinking of painting our bedroom.
Hubs: I like our bedroom.
Me: I think its so ready for a change.
Hubs: I like the "wispy peach" color.
(Yes, he said the 1998 color that I used).
Me: Time to get out of the 90's.
Hubs: OK

So off to Lowes we went. I color matched my favorite Ben. Moore color. I've used it in every room 'cept my bathroom (next project). Color is Pale Almond and it changes from pale brown to yellow tones to grey tones depending on the day. It looks great in all my rooms. I saw it in BHG magazine 4 years ago and decided to give it a try.

So for 8 hours today I prepped, primed and painted the bedroom. (Oh, and my new vacuum sucked up so much dirt it was amazing!)

I HAD TO PRIME...to cover the wispy peach. :)
The primer was left over from pool house remodel and was Ben. Moore tinted White Dove. I love White Dove. I use that as my trim color in EVERY SINGLE ROOM.
I then tried my new paint. I bought the new Olympic NO VOC paint in flat and I will tell you it went on beautifully and there was NO smell. I couldn't believe it. I am sold.

Here are some shots during the madness. I'll spend tomorrow touching up the trim and putting the room back together.

Excuse the messy room. I was tossing everything front and center to clear it out. Get a load of the hideous, so 1990's yellow walls.

Walls freshly primed and looking better already! I had to take down a piece of crown molding to repair (upper right), but decided to leave evidence of the "wispy peach" just for kicks.
More to follow!


Vacuuming my Christmas Present

Do you use a canister vac or an upright? I knew it was time to go on the hunt for a new vacuum when I saw all the dust bunnies my Oreck was missing. Sad thing is that I love my Oreck upright. It's light weight and had great power, but there was no wand or hose. I had to use my hand held Oreck Canister and frankly it sounds like an airplane right now. I received my Orecks as a wedding gift 12 years ago and they have not disappointed.

My husband asked what I wanted for Christmas this year. Hmmm. Vacuum. Yep, that is what I really want. I got a strange look for a split second, but got the a-ok-you got it response. Well, what about right now...I need it to clean in order to put out all the Christmas decorations. Smirk. Off to Lowes we went.

I thought I wanted a Dyson as many friends rave about them, but I ended up with an Electrolux Upright with hose and wand attachments. YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE THE DIRT, HAIR AND FUNK that was in that clear canister. Granted, I probably just didn't see it before since I had a bagged Oreck, but that aside, I love that I can vacuum the hardwood and carpet with the flick of the switch and then unclick the wand to get those crevices and ceiling bunnies. Cleaning has never been so much fun!


Dreamy Drapes

ok. So they are really fresh white sheets...so they can be called dreamy. Kim at Twice Remembered has such great style. I loved how hers looked.

Off to Target I went. For 8 bucks a piece, they are well worth it. I shopped the house for the accent pillows, baskets and side table. Check out my PB inspired lamp. A little spray paint does wonders. Now I need to change the floor lamp shade!


Scratching off "To Do" list

AHHHHH, I had a 3 day weekend and I accomplished a lot. Here is a peak at a spray painting project that has been waiting patiently to be done.

I've had this blue coat rack for some time, moved it from room to room and then it sat in the closet. Hubs asked for some hooks by the back door so he could hang a towel he uses for our hot tub. Now that I am ever so resourceful with spray paint, I ran to the closet, busted out some Heirloom White and sprayed away.

I'll show you where I hang the finished piece later....


Let the Drape Drama..continue

So I figured out what was bugging me the most...the way the new drapes made it seem dark in the room. I whipped them down and clipped up a white sheet.....ahhhhh, I can't tell you how much better it looks. So, I am on the hunt for some simple white drapes. I'm still debating what to do about the trim-less windows, but I'll figure that out next. As I play around with the room more this weekend, I'll post how things are progressing. Thanks for all your comments so far!


Drapery Drama

Here is the before and now the after.

The new couch arrived and the color and fabric are a good fit for our home and lifestyle. I had high hopes for this room...a little switcharoo of window treatments, shop the house for accessories and all set....right. I am dead in the water. The drapes are full of drama. First I hung them too low on a rod that didn't work. Returned. Then I bought this extra long rod...after multiple holes, up it stayed. Finished...no. Something is just not right. My husband hates it. It has to do with the fact there is no molding. Now, don't get me wrong, I replaced all the baseboards and door trim through out the house....but to do the windows, it will be a pain. I'd have to rip out a super long sill, hope I don't screw up the alarm system wiring, blah blah blah. I am thinking of looking for modern valances or roman shades.....nothing is easy. What would you do?