Hutch Redo Reveal

I can't tell you how happy I am just to be done with this project. This one didn't give me much joy throughout the transformation. One coat of primer, two coats of black paint yielded a very splotchy appearance. Off for more paint...I came home with an almost black paint. Still no good! Back for more paint again and this time I bought off the shelf Satin Black. Another couple of hours of painting and here she finally is.

All this work made me realize that she looks better in my home office to match my desk and to house much needed "things."

I recently did a switcharoo and flipped bedrooms, giving myself a bigger office. It's nice to have more space. I'm still working on organizing but this is a great improvement.


  1. Great job. Love the new look! I still have some unfinished projects. Thanks for the inspiration. Enjoyed the visit.

  2. That looks great...and works perfectly as an office organizer. Some projects are just a bummer to get thru, but at least it's done! Now you can move on to something new...at least that's what I tell myself :o)

  3. @cheapchichome. Much, much better!