Dust Bunnies

I am always looking for quick fixes when it comes to cleaning.  I love my hard wood floors, but by the end of the week the dust bunnies appear.  I found the greatest product that uses no chemicals and is reusable.  GO GREEN. ---The Libman Microfiber floor cloth.  You can use it wet or dry and just toss into the washing machine.  When I don't feel like moping, this is a quick way to get some grime and dust bunnies off the floor.  What works best for me is to sweep, then run this cloth under some hot water with a little dish detergent.  I wring it out and attach it to the handle.. Presto- quick damp mop that makes my floor shine again.

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  1. Hi there. Thanks for coming by to look at my chairs. Your wicker chairs truned out great. I clicked the picture and enlarged it. They look brand new! And as for cleaning. UGH! My dogs and cats cause bigger dust bunnies in one week than I've ever seen. I may try this mop.
    Please let me know if you ever tackle your chair in the garage. I just wash mine down really good, spray on primer, then about 2 coats of color. I actually just let the paint get all over the old fabric. :) (The secret to covering a cushion... pin, pin, pin. I hate to pin anything, but it's the only way.)